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About Us

HoopStars Canada was created by respected Canadian basketball talent evaluator Barry Hayes in 2006. Barry has dedicated himself to Canadian basketball for several years now, travelling across the country to keep up-to-date with the most comprehensive look at the national talent base for boys' basketball. As a regular contributor to the hugely successful HoopLife.ca website, his newest plan aims in providing post-secondary coaches with unparalleled rankings and news coverage, while providing ideal opportunities for male student-athletes with hopes of playing basketball after high school graduation or through a transfer from another institution.

  • Barry Hayes - Talent Evaluation
  • Jason Reynolds - Website Technical Support

With the wealth of Canadian basketball talent and the success of the Internet as a necessary scouting tool, HoopStars Canada becomes the only online subscription-based scouting service available that focuses entirely on boys' basketball prospects.

HoopStars Canada is the scouting service that expands across the entire country!

With contacts to a seemingly endless list of post-secondary options for players planning to play in Canada or explore opportunities in the United States, HoopStars Canada will revolutionize the way Canadian players are scouted!

HoopStars Canada provides never-before-seen rankings and profiles for Canadian basketball players to its subscribing members. Top prospects across the country will be identified and updated after extensive year-round scouting!

Tournament Recaps, Identification Camp Analyses, and Recruiting News are just some of the great ways HoopStars Canada plans to show you how Canadian basketball players are impacting the world!

If you are a coach of a post-secondary institution wishing to subscribe, click here for more information on packages available. If you have any more questions about the service, please contact us at bhayes@hoopstarscanada.com.