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HoopStars Canada's Prep School Tracker 2015-16
By: Barry Hayes
Justin Jackson: Hill Academy
Justin Jackson: Hill Academy
Where did everybody go? The numbers are staggering. The Canadian high school talent base is branching out across North America like never before. With the success of our AAU and National Team programs, so many options are becoming available on both sides of the border, in English and in French. There is the lure of U.S. prep school: American competition in their education system. Those looking to stay closer to home have several offers as well: American & Canadian competition with a homegrown education. 

Below is an updated list of new commitments and returning players to various prep programs in Canada & the United States. 

Since there are still placements being worked out for several players, more updates will follow. Please send any confirmed updates to barryjhayes@hotmail.com or via twitter @hoopstarscanada.

Name – Hometown – Previous School (if a transfer) – AAU Team – Expected Graduation Year


British Columbia

Pacific Coast Prep (Port Coquitlam, BC)
James Karnik (Surrey, BC/Balboa Prep/Team British Columbia) 2017
Princewill Robinson (Lagos, Nigeria) 2017
Quentin Onyemordi (Port Coquitlam, BC/BC Christian/Team British Columbia) 2019
Liam Hancock (Port Coquitlam, BC/Terry Fox) 2016
Tsela Warren (Lagos, Nigeria) 2017
Emilagba Bolaji (Lagos, Nigeria) 2018
Savon Devoe (West Mountain View, Alaska/Eagle River Christian) 2017
David Iwowari (Lagos, Nigeria/Eagle River Christian) 2017
Chris Schneller (Vancouver, BC/Sir Charles Tupper) 2016


Athlete Institute (Orangeville, ON)

Athlete Institute Prep
Thon Maker (Australia/Canada Elite) 2016
Matur Maker (Australia/Canada Elite) 2017
Nikola Djogo (Hamilton, ON/Saltfleet/Canada Drive) 2016
Jesse Barnes (Skidegate, BC/Queen Charlotte) 2016
Tyrell Leotaud (Toronto, ON/Northern Kings) 2016
Brendan McCartie (Beeton, ON/Banting Memorial/Northern Kings) 2017
Dontae Mitchell (Vaughan, ON/GTA Bounce) 2016
Cole Long (St. John’s, NL/GTA Bounce) 2016
Quinton Gray (Newmarket, ON) 2016
Ethan Scott (Calgary, AB) 2016
Jerome Santiago (Surrey, BC/Holy Cross) 2016
Luke Wouters (Orangeville, ON/Orangeville/Caledon Cougars) 2018

Orangeville Prep
Brett Sloan (Hanover, ON/John Diefenbaker/Waterloo Wildhawks) 2018
Aaryn Rai (Markham, ON/Markham District/Rise Unlimited) 2017
Jordan Lyons (Brampton, ON/St. Marguerite d’Youville/CIA Bounce) 2017
Jaelin Llewellyn (Mississauga, ON/Father Goetz/CIA Bounce) 2018
Tyler Plummer (Vaughan, ON/La Lumiere Prep/CIA Bounce) 2017
Daniel Cummings (Toronto, ON/St. Benedict's Prep/CIA Bounce) 2016
Eugene Omoruyi (Toronto, ON/West Humber/GTA Bounce) 2016
Ignas Brazdeikis (Oakville, ON/Holy Trinity/CIA Bounce) 2018
Kalif Young (Vaughan, ON/CIA Bounce) 2016
Keshaun Saunders (Brampton, ON/CIA Bounce) 2018
Jahvon Blair (Brampton, ON/CIA Bounce) 2017
Dantai St. Louis (Brampton, ON/CIA Bounce) 2016

Bigger Than Basketball (Toronto, ON)
Ahmed Ali (Toronto, ON/BTB) 2016
Levi Smith III (North Preston, NS) 2016
Michael Asante (Toronto, ON/Peoples) 2016
Cordell Veira (Toronto, ON/BTB) 2017
Dean Andrade (Richmond Hill, ON/BTB) 2017
Joshua White (Toronto, ON/BTB) 2016
Tim Simon (Toronto, ON/Grassroots Canada) 2016
Liban Mohamed (Toronto, ON/BTB) 2016
Dakelle Brooks (East Preston, NS/Northern Kings) 2017
John Jonathan (Toronto, ON/BTB) 2017
Parsa Abdollahi (Toronto, ON/BTB) 2017
Henry Ohawuchi (Toronto, ON/BTB) 2016
Lascel Tyndale (Toronto, ON/Stackhouse Elite YYZ) 2017

Bill Crothers (Unionville, ON)
Othniel Spence (Unionville, ON/Canada Elite) 2016
Nicholas McKee (Newmarket, ON/Canada Elite) 2016
Emanuel Miller (Toronto, ON/CIA Bounce) 2019
Daquan Berry (Toronto, ON/Northern Kings) 2019
AJ Golbourne (Toronto, ON) 2019
Cole Lawrence (Toronto, ON/Northern Kings) 2017
Alex Trybialustau (Toronto, ON/Rise Unlimited) 2017
MiyKah McIntosh (Pickering, ON/Grassroots Canada) 2018
Eric Beckett (Ajax, ON/Northern Kings) 2019
Jayden Coke (Ajax, ON/Milliken Mills/Canada Elite) 2018
Stefan Smith (Toronto, ON/Northern Kings) 2018
Aaron Tait (Toronto, ON/Rise Unlimited) 2017
Juwan Beckford (Toronto, ON/Northern Kings) 2018 
Jacob Fraser (Unionville, ON/Triple Balance) 2018

Clarkson Academy (Mississauga, ON)
Veron Kalonji (Hamilton, ON/St. Jean de Brebeuf/Northern Kings) 2016
Dshawn Tyrell (Malton, ON/Ascension of Our Lord/Northern Kings) 2016
Michael Hamilton (Hamilton, ON/St. Jean de Brebeuf/Northern Kings) 2016
John Lansana Nwosu (Scarborough, ON/St. John Paul II/Markham Gators) 2016
Damari Grant (Malton, ON/Ascension of Our Lord/Northern Kings) 2016
Shakeil Pinder (Markham, ON/Bill Crothers/Canada Elite) 2016
Michael Nuga (North York, ON/Brebeuf College/Canada Elite) 2016
Tyrique Daley (Ajax, ON/Notre Dame/Markham Gators) 2016
Andre Barrow (Markham, ON/Milliken Mills/Markham Gators) 2016
Shemere Ffrench (Scarborough, ON/Lester B Pearson/Markham Gators) 2016
Jamal Jabril (Brampton, ON/Louis Arbour/Top Notch Stars) 2016
Romeo Kabongo (Toronto, ON/Erie First Christian Academy/Canada Drive) 2016
Isaiah Wilson (Scarborough, ON/David & Mary Thomson/Northern Kings) 2016
Sydney Kabongo (Scarborough, ON/Erie First Christian Academy) 2016
Shequell Gilgeous-Glasgow (Scarborough, ON/Mother Teresa/Canada Elite) 2016
Eliel Nsosome (Kinshasa, Congo) 2016

Hill Academy (Brantford, ON)
Brandon John (Brantford, ON/North Park/CIA Bounce) 2018
Justin Andrew (Hamilton, ON/Sir Allan MacNab/UPLAY) 2016
Marquell Fraser (Hamilton, ON/Southwest Christian Academy/UPLAY) 2016
Nicholas Russell (Mississauga, ON/ Southwest Christian Academy/UPLAY) 2016
DaShaun Lalor (Cambridge, ON/St. John’s Kilmarnock/Canada Drive) 2016
Deon Ejim (Brampton, ON/St. Marguerite d’Youville/CIA Bounce) 2018
Antoine Vernon (Hamilton, ON/Sir Allan MacNab/UPLAY) 2018
Jeremiah Usiosefe (Hamilton, ON/22 Feet Academy/UPLAY) 2016
Jerome Mugambi (Oakville, ON/Holy Trinity/Canada Elite) 2016
Justin Jackson (Ajax, ON/Findlay Prep/Canada Elite) 2016
Godwin Boahen (Toronto, ON/St. Louis Christian Academy/Canada Elite) 2016
Julian Walker (Barrie, ON/Innisdale/CIA Bounce) 2017
Alex Christie (Oakville, ON/Holy Trinity/CIA Bounce) 2017*


Stanstead College (Stanstead, QC)
Callum Baker (Oakville, ON/Holy Trinity/Canada Elite) 2018*
Jamal Mayali (Markham, ON/Bill Crothers/Stackhouse Elite YYZ) 2017*
Aaron Nugent (Mississauga, ON/Lorne Park/Stackhouse Elite YYZ) 2016*
Aidan Burns (Hinchinbrooke, QC/Chateauguay Valley Regional School) 2016*
Chris Clegg (Newmarket, ON/Dr. John M. Denison/Stackhouse Elite YYZ) 2016

Thetford Academy (Thetford Mines, QC)

Thetford Gold
Axel Okongo (France) 2017
Tidjane Keita (France) 2018
Yanis Dauphin (France) 2018
Matthis Guerut (France) 2017
Luc Lombardy (France) 2016
Mamadou Keita (France) 2017
Swan Ayada (France) 2017
Borys Minger (France) 2016
Edwin Jeudy (Montreal, QC) 2018
Quincy Guerrier (Montreal, QC) 2019
Henderson Charles (Montreal, QC) 2016
Michel Hakizimana (Nicolas Gatineau, QC) 2017
Nicolas Desjardins (Quebec City, QC) 2016
Kasey Buzas (Montreal, QC) 2016
Alain Louis (Montreal, QC) 2017
Abdul Mohamed (Ottawa, ON) 2016

Thetford Black
Anatole Yeguete (France) 2018
Arthur Forster (France) 2019
Teddy Bodock (France) 2019
Anthony Tsegekale (Nicolas Gatineau, QC) 2019
Gnyakoye Gnekoyamou (Nicolas Gatineau, QC) 2018
Francois Messi (Nicolas Gatineau, QC)2018
David Bokanga (Montreal, QC) 2018
Marlon Lafortune (Montreal, QC) 2018
Wilfred Balata (Montreal, QC) 2018
Jeffrey Tezo (Montreal, QC) 2018
Kolia Konan (Brossard, QC) 2018
Mohamed Ndiaye (Montreal, QC/Jacques Rousseau) 2018
Ibrahim Diawara (Montreal, QC/Jacques Rousseau) 2018

Thetford CEGEP
Jacques Motingi (Montreal, QC) 2016
Rajiv Ndemba (Montreal, QC) 2017
Léo Rawane Guissé (France) 2017
Seth Valminor (Laval, QC) 2017
Camille Mukendi (Ottawa, ON) 2017
Alfousseny Soumare (France) 2016
Gabriel Thabize (Montreal, QC) 2018
Falain Doukaga (Quebec, QC) 2018
Alex Guelongo (Longueuil, QC) 2016
Gideon Kabongo (Ottawa, ON) 2016
Johan Violton (France) 2016
Maxime Bellony (Laval, QC) 2016
Mark Mutombo (Montreal, QC) 2018
Jovany Tremblay (Quebec, QC) 2018
David Bohoussou (Longueuil, QC) 2017

Thetford High School
Quentin Cazeils (France) 2019
Malick Gueye (France) 2019
Walid Touahri (France) 2019
Bachir Zerouni (France) 2019
Marouane Arioui (France) 2019
Marvin Osei (Montreal, QC) 2020
Hunter Duvanney (Montreal, QC) 2021
Edsens Paul (Montreal, QC) 2021
Nemanja Elez (Gatineau, QC) 2019
Jean-David Muaka (Ottawa, ON) 2020
Amara Ba-Koud (Longueuil, QC) 2019
Lenda Diarra (Longueuil, QC) 2019
Frederic Kinuani (Quebec City, QC) 2019


USA Prep


Hillcrest Academy (Mesa, AZ)
Micky Banghu (Surrey, BC/North Surrey/AthElite) 2016
Elijah Ifejeh (Montreal, QC/Lucien-Pagé/Red Rush) 2016
Samuel Chaput (Montreal, QC/Lucien-Pagé/Brookwood Elite) 2018
Jordan Holness (Toronto, ON/Trinity International/Canada Elite) 2016
Anthony McNish (Brampton, ON/Lee Academy/CIA Bounce) 2017

Planet Athlete Academy (Phoenix, AZ)
Dyrel Johnson (Dartmouth, NS/Mount Zion Christian Academy) 2016

South Pointe (Phoenix, AZ)
Emmanuel Kabesele Tshimanga (Montreal, QC/Honoré-Mercier) 2019
Nathan Tshimanga (Montreal, QC) 2020


Balboa City School (San Diego, CA)
Scott Hitchon (Whitby, ON/Athlete Institute/Canada Elite) 2017
Keenan Dowell (Surrey, BC/Team British Columbia) 2017*
Najee Brown-Henderson (Windsor, ON/Catholic Central) 2017

JSerra Catholic (San Juan Capistrano, CA)
Nolan Willett (Calgary, AB/Fastbreak Sports) 2016

Middlebrooks Academy (Los Angeles, CA)
Namory Bagayoko (Montreal, QC) 2016

Prolific Prep (Napa Valley, CA)
Brandon Kenyon (Caledonia, ON/Sir Allan MacNab/UPLAY) 2018
Khaleem Bennett (Hamilton, ON/Sir Allan MacNab/UPLAY) 2018
Abu Kigab (St. Catharines, ON/St. Francis/UPLAY) 2017

Saddleback Valley Christian Academy (Laguna Niguel, CA)
Tyshan Barrett (Ajax, ON/Elite 1 Academy/Grassroots Canada) 2017


Choate Rosemary Hall (Wallingford, CT)
Owen de Graaf (Beamsville, ON/Blessed Trinity/UPLAY) 2017

Hotchkiss (Salisbury, CT)
Joshua Daoust (Montreal, QC/Brookwood Elite) 2016

Kent (Kent, CT)
Maxime Boursiquot (Ottawa, ON/Immaculata/Brookwood Elite) 2016

Marianapolis Prep (Thompson, CT)
Marley Blommers (Chatham, ON/Chatham-Kent/Michigan Warriors) 2017

St. Thomas More (Oakdale, CT)
Lucas Olsthoorn (St. Catharines, ON/St. Francis/UPLAY) 2017

Salisbury (Salisbury, CT)
Kendrick Jolin (Montreal, QC/Brookwood Elite) 2016
Anthony Drouin (Oakville, ON) 2016
Spencer Cottrelle (Oakville, ON/Trafalgar/Canada Elite) 2016


Arlington Country Day (Jacksonville, FL)
Luguentz Dort (Montreal, QC/Edouard Montpetit/Brookwood Elite) 2018

DME Academy (Daytona Beach, FL)
Thomas Nettey (Brampton, ON/Cardinal Ambrozic/Hoops Canada) 2016

Elev8 Sports Institute (Delray Beach, FL)
Kharyem Watson (Vancouver, BC/Tracy) 2016
Carter Johnston (Oakville, ON) 2016

IMG Academy (Bradenton, FL)
Jake Hammell (Kirkland Lake, ON/Kirkland Lake) 2017
Jonathan Sochaczevski (Montreal, QC) 2017
Noah Sochaczevski (Montreal, QC) 2019

Montverde Academy (Montverde, FL)
Marcus Carr (Woodbridge, ON/St. Michael's/Northern Kings) 2017*
Simi Shittu (Burlington, ON/Corpus Christi/CIA Bounce) 2018
Howard Washington (Buffalo, NY/Albany City Rocks) 2017
RJ Barrett (Mississauga, ON/St. Marcellinus/CIA Bounce) 2018*

The Rock School (Gainesville, FL)
Michael Edwards (Toronto, ON/Mount Zion Christian Academy/Grassroots Canada) 2016

Victory Rock (Bradenton, FL)
Damian Okungbowa (Brampton, ON/Cardinal Leger/Mississauga Monarchs) 2016

Wellington (Wellington, FL)
Rueadale Williams (Hamilton, ON/Sir Allan MacNab/UPLAY) 2017

West Oaks Academy (Orlando, FL)
Richardson Maître (Montreal, QC/Brookwood Elite) 2016*
Justin Taylor (Brampton, ON/Marist/Grassroots Canada) 2017


Action Sports Academy (Atlanta, GA)
Devonte Bandoo (Brampton, ON/Mount Clemens/Stackhouse Elite) 2015

American Basketball Institute (Atlanta, GA)
Samuel Matice (Prince Albert, SK/St. Mary) 2016
Keane Merke (Saskatoon, SK/Notre Dame Prep) 2016
Cain Sheppard (Saskatoon, SK/Walter Murray) 2016


Don Bosco Prep (Merrillville, IN)
Jordan Sobot (Burlington, ON/Nelson/Canada Drive) 2016
Mfiondu Kabengele (Burlington, ON/Corpus Christi/Canada Drive) 2016

La Lumiere (La Porte, IN)
Brandon Cyrus (Cambridge, ON/CIA Bounce) 2016

Indiana Elite Prep (Richmond, IN)
Kyle Edwards (Brampton, ON) 2015
Deiondre Reid (Toronto, ON/Pine Ridge/Stackhouse Elite YYZ) 2017
Ben Kwawukumey (Toronto, ON/Father Henry Carr/Stackhouse Elite YYZ) 2017
Tarrick Brissett (Ajax, ON/Pickering) 2016
Taylan Barrett (Maple, ON/Layton Christian) 2016


Sunrise Christian Academy (Wichita, KS)
Isiah Jasey (Killeen, Texas/Ellison/Houston Hoops) 2017


Wesley Christian Academy (Allen, KY)
Ben Kapinga (Calgary, AB/Team Vision) 2017


Thornton (Saco, ME)
Jack Tilley (Rothesay, NB/Kennebecasis Valley/Team New Brunswick) 2016*


DeMatha Catholic (Hyattsville, MD)
Nate Darling (Lower Sackville, NS/DC Blue Devils) 2016

Glenelg Country School (Ellicott City, MD)
Anthony Longpré (L'Assomption, QC/Brookwood Elite) 2017

John Carroll (Bel Air, MD)
Junior Farquhar (Montreal, QC/International Christian/Brookwood Elite) 2018
Jahbril Price-Noel (Toronto, ON/Canada Elite) 2018
Kevin Kangu (Hamilton, ON/UPLAY) 2017

National Christian Academy (Fort Washington, MD)
Malik Kennedy (Toronto, ON/Oakwood) 2019


Brooks School (Brooks, MA)
Ethan Gabert-Doyon (Montreal, QC) 2017

MacDuffie (Granby, MA)
Jordy Tshimanga (Montreal, QC/Houston Hoops) 2016
Opong Bramble (Regina, SK/Brunswick School/The Rens) 2016

Milton (Milton, MA)
Blair Xu (Toronto, ON) 2017

Northfield-Mount Hermon (Gill, MA)
Jérôme Desrosiers (Saint-Hyacinthe, QC/New England Playaz) 2017


Dakota (Macomb, MI)
Brendan Sackey (Brampton, ON/Fayetteville Christian Academy/Stackhouse Elite YYZ) 2017

Edwin Denby (Detroit, MI)
Quinton Kelly (Mississauga, ON/Father Goetz/Stackhouse Elite YYZ) 2017


Chaminade (St. Louis, MO)
Liam Courtney (Cambridge, ON/St. John's Kilmarnock/Canada Elite) 2018

St. Louis Christian Academy (St. Louis, MO)
Daniel Sackey (Winnipeg, MB/Kelvin/Canada Elite) 2018
Steven Rwahwire (Toronto, ON/Oakwood/Canada Elite) 2018
Wheza Panzo (Mississauga, ON/Holy Trinity/Canada Elite) 2019


Findlay Prep (Henderson, NV)
Oshae Brissett (Pickering, ON/Las Vegas Prospects) 2017
Shakwon Barrett (Toronto, ON/Grassroots Canada) 2017

Trinity International (Las Vegas, NV)
Isiaha Mike (Toronto, ON/Hoops Canada) 2016
Sean Miller-Moore (Brampton, ON/Canada Elite) 2017

New Hampshire

Brewster (Wolfeboro, NH)
Michael Ogoms (Winnipeg, MB/St. Paul’s) 2016

Proctor (Andover, NH)
Julian Roche (Saint John, NB/Bishop Elite) 2016

New Jersey

Bergen Catholic (Oradell, NJ)
Mason Foreman (Selkirk, MB/Lord Selkirk/Team Manitoba) 2017

Linden (Linden, NJ)
Tafari Lowe (Toronto, ON/Elite 1 Academy/Grassroots Canada) 2017

Marist (Bayonne, NJ)
Grant Audu (Mississauga, ON/The Rock/CIA Bounce) 2017

Morris Catholic (Denville, NJ)
Rob Birstonas (Whitby, ON/All Saints/Stackhouse Elite YYZ) 2017

New York

Millbrook School (Millbrook, NY)
Ignas Slyka (Mississauga, ON/Sainte-Famille/Canada Drive) 2016

Our Savior New American (Centereach, NY)
Marsei Caston (Windsor, ON/WF Herman/King James) 2018

Trinity-Pawling School (Pawling, NY)
Peter Kokalov (Vancouver, BC) 2016

North Carolina

Bull City Prep (Durham, NC)
Gabriel Gyamfi (Brampton, ON/Cardinal Leger/Mississauga Monarchs) 2016

Charlotte Basketball Academy (Charlotte, NC)
Malik Lue-Mitchell (Pickering, ON/Dunbarton/Grassroots Canada) 2016

Combine Academy (Charlotte, NC)
David Okoroafor (Toronto, ON/Bishop Allen/Hoops Canada) 2016
Alex Jones (Halton Hills, ON/St. Joan of Arc/Mississauga Wolverines) 2017
Josiah Thomas (Edmonton, AB/Jasper Place/Ameba Starr) 2016
Johneil Johnson (North Preston, NS/Auburn Drive) 2016
Derian Valdes (Calgary, AB/Sir Winston Churchill/Ameba Starr) 2016

Concord Prep (Concord, NC)
Devonte Daniels (Brampton, ON/St. Edmund Campion/Mississauga Monarchs) 2016
Omon Edobor (Ajax, ON/22 Feet Academy/Grassroots Canada) 2016

Evelyn Mack Academy/Stateline Prep (Charlotte, NC)
Avery Bourassa (Brampton, ON/Notre Dame/Mississauga Monarchs) 2016

High Point Christian Academy (High Point, NC)
Amidou Bamba (Toronto, ON/Canada Elite) 2016

M.A.C.K. Prep (Charlotte, NC)
Kayode Fakomi (Brampton, ON/Castlebrooke/Hoops Canada) 2016

Moravian Prep (Hudson, NC)
Brendon Samlal (Brampton, ON/St. Marguerite d'Youville/Mississauga Monarchs) 2016
Tyrelle Rafferty (Kitchener, ON/Leduc) 2016

Mount Zion Christian Academy (Durham, NC)
Kardon Edwards (Brampton, ON/Phase One Academy/Hoops Canada) 2015
Dante Thompson (Brampton, ON/St. Augustine's/Mississauga Monarchs) 2016
Delano Brown (Brampton, ON/St. Thomas Aquinas/Mississauga Monarchs) 2016
Aaron-Michael Osman (Toronto, ON/Elite 1 Academy/Top Notch Stars) 2016
Omar Shiddo (Brampton, ON/Castlebrooke/Hoops Canada) 2016
Julius Griffiths (Ajax, ON/Pickering/Grassroots Canada) 2016

Quality Education (Winston-Salem, NC)
Sina Gbadebo (Windsor, ON/WF Herman/Grassroots Canada) 2017

Standard of Excellence Academy (Charlotte, NC)
David Smith (Brantford, ON/St. John's) 2016
Thomas LeGallais (Cornwall, ON/Holy Trinity/Ottawa Next Level) 2015
Majwang Magak (Calgary, AB/Wesley Christian) 2015

Victory Christian Center School (Charlotte, NC)
Ismael Lukman (Montreal, QC/Jeanne Mance/Brookwood Elite) 2017
Mathias Adama Traore (Montreal, QC/Jeanne Mance) 2017


SPIRE Institute (Geneva, OH)
Tyrell Gumbs-Frater (Toronto, ON/St. Benedict's Prep/Grassroots Canada) 2016
Marcus Ottey (Ajax, ON/St. Benedict's Prep/Canada Elite) 2016
Nigel Warden (Edmonton, AB/Jasper Place/Ameba Starr) 2017
Josh Santin (Hamilton, ON/Hillfield-Strathallan/Mississauga Monarchs) 2016
Stefan Duric (Burlington, ON/Nelson/Grassroots Canada) 2015
Kajon Gordon-Stephens (Brampton, ON/St. Marguerite d'Youville/CIA Bounce) 2018


Lincoln (Portland, OR)
Jaden Dewar (Vancouver, BC/St.George's) 2017


First Love Christian Academy (Washington, PA)
Quinton Hamilton (Brampton, ON/St. Edmund Campion/Canada Elite) 2016
Moshe Wadley (Toronto, ON/Emery/Canada Elite) 2016
Prince Oduro (Toronto, ON/Earl Haig/Canada Elite) 2017
Christian Bentley (Toronto, ON/Crawford Adventist/Grassroots Canada) 2017
Kevin Hamlet (Toronto, ON/St. Benedict's Prep/Grassroots Canada) 2016

Kiski (Saltsburg, PA)
Jalen Butler (Toronto, ON/Upper Canada College/CIA Bounce) 2018
Harry Range (Ottawa, ON/Northern Kings) 2016

Mercersburg (Mercersburg, PA)
Luka Sevaljevic (Toronto, ON/Toronto French School/Canada Elite) 2016

Mont Clare Academy (Philadelphia, PA)
Marcello Hewitt (Mississauga, ON) 2016
Harnoor Singh Sangha (Surrey, BC/Tamanawis) 2016
Jerome Adjei (Toronto, ON/Cardinal McGuigan) 2016

Scotland Performance Institute (Chambersburg, PA)
Rexford Agyemang (Brampton, ON/St. Edmund Campion/Mississauga Monarchs) 2016

South Carolina

22 Feet Academy (Greenville, SC)
N'Tore Habimana (Milton, ON/Sainte-Famille) 2016


Hamilton Heights (Chattanooga, TN)
Shai Alexander (Hamilton, ON/Sir Allan MacNab/UPLAY) 2017
Nickeil Alexander-Walker (Scarborough, ON/St. Louis Christian/Canada Elite) 2017
Therren Shelton-Szmidt (Mississauga, ON/Loyola/UPLAY) 2017

Tennessee Prep (Memphis, TN)
Dylon Gregory (Brampton, ON/St. Edmund Campion/Hoops Canada) 2016
Jevon Fray-Woodbine (Toronto, ON/Martingrove/CIA Bounce) 2016
Mahad Abdulle (Brampton, ON/Castlebrooke/Hoops Canada) 2016


Hunter (West Valley City, UT)
Jaleel Holdford (Toronto, ON) 2016

Wasatch Academy (Mount Pleasant, UT)
Emmanuel Akot (Winnipeg, MB/Kildonan East/Canada Elite) 2018
Josip Vrankic (Toronto, ON/Canada Elite) 2017
Shamiel Stevenson (Oakville, ON/UPLAY) 2017
Koby McEwen (Toronto, ON/CIA Bounce) 2016
Jackson Rowe (Toronto, ON) 2016
Jeff Baradziej (Grimsby, ON/UPLAY) 2017
Damion Squire (Montreal, QC/Cavelier-De LaSalle/Brookwood Elite) 2019


Vermont Academy (Saxtons River, VT)
Christian David (Milton, ON/Bishop Reding/S-Elite) 2017


Carlisle Prep (Martinsville, VA)
Shakur Daniel (Ajax, ON/Bill Crothers/Grassroots Canada) 2018
Gabriel Osabuohien (Ajax, ON/Virginia Academy/Grassroots Canada) 2017
Dusan Prelo (Toronto, ON/North Toronto/Grassroots Canada) 2017

Hargrave Military Academy (Chatham, VA)
Ivan Cucak (Kitchener, ON/Cameron Heights/Canada Drive) 2017
Stefan Borovac (Hamilton, ON/Orchard Park/Canada Drive) 2016

Millwood School (Midlothian, VA)
Isaiah Moseley (Toronto, ON/Vaughan/Canada Elite) 2019

Mountain Mission (VA)
Keshon Montague (Brampton, ON/St. Marguerite d'Youville/UPLAY) 2016

Oak Hill Academy (Mouth of Wilson, VA)
Lindell Wigginton (North Preston, NS/Stackhouse Elite) 2017


Mercer Island (Mercer Island, WA)
Sam Nordale (Mercer Island, WA) 2016
Andrew Pickles (Mercer Island, WA/Emerald City) 2016

Rainier Beach (Seattle, WA)
Darius Ballou (Surrey, BC/Tamanawis/AthElite) 2018

West Virginia

Huntington Prep (Huntington, WV)
Jonathan Kabongo (Toronto, ON/Canada Elite) 2018
Arvin Dhillon (Brampton, ON/Sandalwood Heights) 2016
Maurice Calloo (Windsor, ON/St. Augustine's/Grassroots Canada) 2018

124 Canadians at Canadian Preps
161 Canadians at USA Preps
= 285 Canadians at Prep in 2015-16

*Picture of Justin Jackson from Canada Basketball