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Alma Academy Profile: 2013-14
By: Alma Academy
The 2012-2013 season was inaugural for the first ever French basketball Academy in North America. 40 players out of Montreal decided to take a chance by following coaches Igor Rwigema and Ibrahim Appiah to maximize their chance of success in academics and sports. Their three competitive teams showed why Alma Academy could be a serious option for Quebec hoopers as they accomplished a lot in their first campaign.

The 2012-13 Post-Grad team, highlighted by Nicky Désilien, Christopher Boucher and Jay Fequiere, accumulated an overall record of 48 wins and 5 losses, winning the NPSAA and Canadian Prep championship. The team also recorded a 13-1 record in the United States, beating program such as Blair Academy, Rise Academy, and Mount Zion Prep to name a few.

The CEGEP Team won the first ever provincial medal in school history by finishing 3rd at the RSEQ provincials last April. 

The High School team finished the season with a 30-14 record, giving a chance to talented players such as Joel Tshimanga, Levi Londole, and Narcisse Kalamba to play against good competition. These performances intrigued Nike, which rewarded Alma Academy with a sponsorship to receive gear and apparel for the following season.

For this second season, Alma boasts 3 talented teams that will certainly play at a high level. The Post-Grad team features 9 players over 6’4 with great length and athleticism that will likely play an up-tempo style. Newcomer Sergio Nolla (6’4 Guard from France) will be a key piece to Alma Academy’s success this year. Sergio plays with high basketball IQ, and his ability to create and score will allow teammates Jordyson Telfort (6’5 Guard) and Josh Kabongo (6’4 Guard) to be bigger threats on the perimeter. Key veterans from last year’s team - Yoann Folquet, Charles-Andre Edorh, Kevin Mirindi and Link Kabadyundi - will be counted upon to bring leadership and solid play, but one of the biggest advantages of this team is their depth, as they have could have up to a 12-man rotation.

The CEGEP team will be consisting of 11 first-year CEGEP players coming from the development program that Alma created in Montreal. The team will rely a lot on their athleticism and guard speed to create an advantage over teams in the Division 2 CEGEP league.

The High School team features a lot of potential. With the return of Nikita Kasongo in the lineup, Alma High School will have the similar flashy and above-the-rim style of play as the Post-Grad team last season. Forward Narcisse Kalamba and Joel Thabize have showed a lot of improvement since last season, showing more composure and patience in their game. Underclassmen Kolia Konan, Edwin Jeudy, Miganeh Jama, Ismael Damours, and Jean-Frederic Daho will bring a lot of energy and talent off the bench.

The coach staff have worked really hard to put together a schedule that would allow Alma Academy teams to compete against the top programs in the northeast United States. Teams such as Brewster Academy (New Hampshire), South Kent School (Connecticut), Tilton School (New Hampshire), Notre Dame Prep (Massachusetts), Rise Academy (Pennsylvania), and Robinson School (New Jersey) will be on the schedule.

Below are the rosters for the 3 groups that will be suiting up for Alma in the 2013-2014 campaign:

Post-Grad Team
Link Kabadyundi 7’1 Center - Class 2014
Joel Tshimanga 6’7 Forward - Class 2015
Levi Londole 6’7 Forward - Class 2015
Alexander Tanksley 6’7 Forward - Class 2015
Kevin Mirindi 6’6 Wing - Class 2014
Jordyson Telfort 6’5 Guard - Class 2015
Charles-Andre Edorh 6’5 Wing - Class 2014
Sergio Nolla 6’4 Guard - Class 2014
Daniel Mutanda 6’4 Guard - Class 2014
Josh Kabongo 6’4 Guard - Class 2014
Charles Berdnikoff 6’3 Guard - Class 2015
Nicolas Beliard 6’3 Wing - Class 2015
Yoann Folquet 6’0 Guard - Class 2014
Vladimir Thomas 6’0 Guard - Class 2015
Luay Saida 5’8 Guard - Class 2015

Jacques Moateng 6’6 Forward
Weslee Hecto 6’5 Forward
Ibrahima Barry 6’4 Forward
Geraldini Desmornes 6’4 Forward
Joachim Tanksley 6’3 Wing
Borys Minger 6’2 Guard
Kasey Paul Buzas 6’1 Guard
Alex Guelongo 6’0 Guard
Samuel Bokanga 6’0 Guard
Nicolas Desjardins 6’0 Guard
Roderick Jean-Christophe 5’10 Guard
Kadima Nsaka 5’9 Guard

High School Team 
Edwin Jeudy 6’7 Forward
Joel Thabize 6’6 Forward
Narcisse Kalamba 6’6 Wing
Nikita Kasongo 6’4 Wing
Frederic Kinuani 6’3 Wing
Mamadou Keita 6’3 Guard
Miganeh Jama 6’3 Wing
Ismael Damours 6’2 Guard
Jean-Frederic Daho 6’2 Guard
Jonathan Koud 6’0 Guard
Alain Louis 5’10 Guard
Kolia Konan 5’9 Guard