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Canadian Class of 2013: Top 50 by Position (Final - July 9)
By: Barry Hayes
Andrew Wiggins
Andrew Wiggins
Another graduating class has come and gone. Once again, the blending of current talent and future potential levels has been carefully weighed to create this year's version of the Top 50 Canadians by Position in the Class of 2013. All prospects were reviewed via in person at a gym, live webcast, and/or archived video. Similar to past analyses, the best Canadian prospects were first classified into a specific position and then placed in order next to their peers.

*The anthropocentric measurements provided by Canada Basketball at the recent Junior National Team tryouts were used for heights (without shoes) in several cases.
*No overaged players were included.
*This is not an equivalent to the top 50 overall prospects in the Class of 2013.
*Several can be considered more "combo forwards" or "combo guards". Each were placed in the position of best fit right now and can be subject to change in time.
*Any commitments have been designated in BOLD next to the prospect’s name. 
*To view more commitments from this year’s group, please consult the HoopStars Canada Commitment Update.

HoopStars Canada final rankings - Class of 2013 by Position
(released July 9, 2013)


1. Tanveer Bhullar 7'2", Father Henry Carr (Toronto, ON) - New Mexico State (NCAA D1)
2. Matthew Atewe 6'8", Notre Dame (MA) via Brampton, ON - Auburn (NCAA D1)
3. Miroslav Jaksic 6'9", Walled Lake Western (MI) via Windsor, ON - Grand Canyon (NCAA D1)
4. Alex Hart 6'11", Immaculata (Kelowna, BC) - California-Santa Barbara (NCAA D1)
5. Cam Smythe 7'0", Cushing (MA) via Vancouver, BC - Carleton (CIS)
6. Erik Nissen 6'9", Kennebecasis Valley (Quispamsis, NB) - Maine (NCAA D1)
7. Luka Zaharijevic 6'6", Kitsilano (Vancouver, BC) - UBC (CIS)
8. Mike Shoveller 6'10", Arnprior (Arnprior, ON) - Queen's (CIS)
9. Rudolphe Joly 6'10", Alma Academy (Alma, QC) via Montreal, QC - Sheridan JuCo (NJCAA)
10. Michael Quinn 6'9", Louis Riel (Ottawa, ON) via Clarence Creek, ON

Power Forwards

1. Christopher Boucher 6'9", Alma Academy (Alma, QC) via Montreal, QC - New Mexico JuCo (NJCAA)
2. Denzell Taylor 6'6", St. Benedict's (NJ) via Brampton, ON - Old Dominion (NCAA D1)
3. Marko Pirovic 6'6", Thornlea (Thornhill, ON) via Bolton, ON - Maine (NCAA D1)
4. MiKyle McIntosh 6'6", 22 Feet Academy (KY) via Pickering, ON - Illinois State (NCAA D1)
5. Isaiah Watkins 6'7", St. Benedict's (NJ) via Toronto, ON - Duquesne (NCAA D1)
6. Abednego Lufile 6'6", REDA (Waterloo, ON) via Burlington, ON - Sheridan JuCo (NJCAA)
7. Nick Madray 6'8", REDA (Brampton, ON) via Mississauga, ON - Binghamton (NCAA D1)
8. Jordan Robinson 6'6", Quality Education (NC) via Toronto, ON - Duquesne (NCAA D1)
9. Mack Burns 6'7", Campbell (Regina, SK) - Saskatchewan (CIS)
10. Adam Voll 6'8", St. John's Kilmarnock (Breslau, ON) via Kitchener, ON - Ryerson (CIS)

Small Forwards

1. Andrew Wiggins 6'8", Huntington (WV) via Vaughan, ON - Kansas (NCAA D1)
2. Donnavan Hastings 6'6", Future College (CA) via Brampton, ON - Long Beach State (NCAA D1)
3. Mychal Mulder 6'4", Catholic Central (Windsor, ON) - Vincennes JuCo (NJCAA)
4. Matthew Taylor 6'4", Future College (CA) via Brampton, ON - New Mexico State (NCAA D1)
5. Chris McComber 6'7", John McCrae (Ottawa, ON) - Columbia (NCAA D1)
6. Mamadou Gueye 6'6", Sainte-Foy (Quebec City, QC) - Alberta (CIS)
7. Tyler Stone 6'5", High Desert Prep (CA) via Mississauga, ON - Howard (NCAA D1)
8. Nolan Woodward 6'4", Champlain-St. Lambert (Montreal, QC) - Gannon (NCAA D2)
9. Jake Newman 6'6", Hun School of Princeton (NJ) via Surrey, BC - Lafayette (NCAA D1)
10. Jean-Victor Mukama 6'6", ACMT (Hamilton, ON) - Ryerson (CIS)

Point Guards

1. Tyler Ennis 6'2", St. Benedict's (NJ) via Brampton, ON - Syracuse (NCAA D1)
2. Hamid Nessek 5'11", ACMT (Hamilton, ON) - McMaster (CIS)
3. Emmanuel Owootoah 5'10", Cordia (KY) via Toronto, ON - Fresno State (NCAA D1)
4. Jayde Dawson 6'1", Brooks (MA) via Montreal, QC - Fairleigh Dickinson (NCAA D1)
5. Troy Reid-Knight 6'0", Thornlea (Thornhill, ON) - Maine (NCAA D1)
6. Reilly Reid 6'2", Lorne Park (Mississauga, ON) - Assumption (NCAA D2)
7. James Sylvester 6'0", Eastern Commerce (Toronto, ON) - Northwest Kansas Tech JuCo (NJCAA)
8. Kassius Robertson 6'2", Thornlea (Thornhill, ON) - Canisius (NCAA D1)
9. Marcus Jones 6'0", Athlete Institute Academy (Orangeville, ON) via Brantford, ON - Gannon (NCAA D2)
10. Daniel Dooley 6'2", Notre Dame (Burlington, ON) - Guelph (CIS)

Shooting Guards

1. Xavier Rathan-Mayes 6'2", Huntington (WV) via Markham, ON - Florida State (NCAA D1)
2. Duane Notice 6'2", St. Thomas More (CT) via Vaughan, ON - South Carolina (NCAA D1)
3. Malcolm Duvivier 6'1", St. Michael's (Toronto, ON) - Oregon State (NCAA D1)
4. Tevin Findlay 6'3", IMG Academy (FL) via Mississauga, ON - Green Bay (NCAA D1)
5. Fergus Duke 6'2", Hun School of Princeton (NJ) via Dartmouth, NS - Bentley (NCAA D2)
6. Petar Rusic 6'3", 22 Feet Academy (KY) via Oakville, ON
7. Nicky Desilien 6'2", Alma Academy (QC) via Montreal, QC - New Mexico JuCo (NJCAA)
8. Trevon McNeil 6'0", Holy Trinity (Oakville, ON) - McMaster (CIS)
9. Raheem Williams 6'4", Athlete Institute Academy (Orangeville, ON) via Brampton, ON - Snow JuCo (NJCAA)
10. Shavon Gayle 5'11", Catholic Central (Windsor, ON) - Owens JuCo (NJCAA)

*Did not include due to injury: Cory Kenning 6'9" C, Athlete Institute Academy (Orangeville) via Kitchener, ON - Palm Beach Atlantic (NCAA D2)

*Photo of Andrew Wiggins by Dave Thomas (Toronto Sun)