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The 1st French Basketball Academy in North America
By: Alma Academy
Alma Academy
Alma Academy
In June of 2012, the College d’Alma and the city of Alma were proud to announce the creation of the first ever French Basketball Academy in North America. The Alma Academy program was created to give an alternative to CEGEP and high school players in Quebec that wanted the opportunity for more exposure and training during the season. Alma Academy partnered up with Qc United Sports Club to bring some of the top players in the province and have them benefit from an environment with fewer distractions than the big cities that Montreal and Quebec offer. The players have to meet academic standards similar to the basketball structure in Quebec, which is to pass 8 CEGEP courses during the school year, in order to be part of the program the following year. The kids will benefit from 15 hours of basketball and weight training during the week. The schedule will allow them to play in the NPSAA league based in Toronto and to participate in a total of 8 major events in the United States. Also, the players will have the chance to compete against the best programs in North America. Below are the rosters for the 2 teams from Alma.

Location: Alma, Quebec (Google Map)

Senior Team (Post Grad)
Rudolphe Joly 6’10 Centre, Class of 2014 (Quebec City)
Christopher Boucher 6’10 Centre, Class of 2014 (Montreal)
Steven Clark 6’8 Forward, Class of 2013 (Montreal)
Andrew Girardot 6’6 Forward, Class of 2013 (Montreal)
Kevin Mirindi 6’6 Wing, Class of 2014 (Gatineau)
Charles-André Edorh 6’5 Wing, Class of 2014 (Montreal)
Jonathan Lukusa Mukendi 6’4 Forward, Class of 2013 (Belgium)
Daniel Mutanda 6’4 Forward, Class of 2014 (Longueuil)
Fritz Clerveaux 6’3 Wing, Class of 2014 (Montreal)
Nicky Désilien 6’2 Guard, Class of 2013 (Montreal)
Yoann Folquet 6’0 Guard, Class of 2013 (Montreal)
Quesly Noresias 5’10 Guard, Class of 2013 (Montreal)
Jay Fequiere 5’10 Guard, Class of 2013 (Montreal)

Junior Team (Grade 9th to 12th)
Link Kabadyundi 7’1 Centre, Class of 2014 (Montreal) - invited to 2012 Junior National Team tryouts
Jordy Idikayi 6’9 Centre, Class of 2016 (Montreal)
Fritz Lucien 6’9 Forward, Class of 2015 (Montreal)
Joel Tshimanga 6’7 Wing, Class of 2015 (Montreal) - invited to 2012 Junior National Team tryouts
Levi Londole 6’7 Forward, Class of 2015 (Montreal)
Narcisse Kalamba 6’6 Wing, Class of 2016 (Montreal) - invited to 2012 Cadet National Team tryouts
Joel Thabize 6’6 Wing, Class of 2016 (Montreal)
Jordyson Telfort 6’5 Guard, Class of 2015 (Boucherville)
Mamadou Keita 6’3 Guard, Class of 2016 (Montreal)
Charles Berdnikoff 6’3 Guard, Class of 2015 (Longueuil)
Emi Cormeau 6’1 Guard, Class of 2016 (Quebec City)
Joslain Masimango 6’0 Guard, Class of 2016 (Montreal)
Kasey Paul Busas 5’10 Guard, Class of 2016 (Montreal)

Igor Rwigema
Ibrahim Appiah
Simon Leblanc
Jerome Gagnon