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Athlete Institute Academy releases inaugural roster
By: AI Academy
AI Academy
AI Academy
ACTS Athlete Institute (Orangeville, ON) is proud to announce the commencement of the Athlete Institute Academy: a basketball preparatory educational program that prepares high school student athletes for competition at the post secondary level. Our student athletes come from all over Canada to experience guidance in every aspect of their lives that affects their performance on the court. Our program emphasizes the development of versatility in our members with a focus on individual skills, strength & conditioning, nutrition, the “mental” game, and game play, to ensure a seamless transition to higher education programs and eliminate “freshman learning curves”. The relationship between athletics and academics is crucial for developing premier student athletes. Our program combines the benefits of yearlong skill development at a world-class facility and the academic and social atmosphere of a local high school. At the ACTS Athlete Institute we value our partnership with Orangeville District Secondary School, as it provides our students with endless support and opportunities for their development off the court. The program length runs the duration of the high school year, beginning in September 2012 through to June 2013. Our student athletes are housed at the ACTS Residence and Retreat Centre, located on 7 acres right on the beautiful Hockley Valley River. All of our residence rooms have private bathrooms, and are located steps away from the dining room, study hall, and recreational space. The staff headquarters are centrally located in the Centre for added supervision and student assistance. Our student athletes also have the added benefit of a personal chef preparing meals that are well balanced and provide the proper nutrition for an active and committed athlete.

The team plays tournaments and exhibition games all over North America, as well as competes in the N.P.S.A.A. league in Ontario. Questions about the Academy can be directed to:

Jesse Tipping, Director of Athletics
Email - jesse.tipping@athleteinstitute.ca
Phone - 519-943-0781

Curtis Dauber, Basketball Operations Manager/Head Coach
Email - curtis.dauber@athleteinstitute.ca
Phone - 519-498-8707

Our Mission is to provide exceptional, advanced and state of the art basketball development for high school student athletes looking to make their passion for basketball a reality at the next level.

2012-13 Athlete Institute Academy Roster
Marcus Jones - 6'1" PG, (Brantford, ON/North Park)
Brent Carey - 6'2" PG, (Brampton ON/REDA)
Spencer Thomas - 6'2" G, (Pickering, ON/Dunbarton)
Jason Crawley - 6'2" G, (Dartmouth, NS/Auburn Drive)
Gentrey Thomas - 6'3" G, (East Preston, NS/REDA)
Raheem Williams - 6'4" F, (Brampton, ON/REDA)
Dele Ogundokun - 6'4" F, (Hamilton, ON/Westmount)
Tayo Shittu - 6'6" F, (Burlington, ON/Corpus Christi)
Justin Bhangoo - 6'7" F, (Surrey, BC/Enver Creek)
Dillon Dubois - 6'10" F, (Burlington, ON/Corpus Christi)
Nathaniel Johnson - 6'5" F, (Toronto, ON/REDA)
Mark Nugent - 6'4" G, (Toronto, ON/REDA)