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AAA OFSAA History (1988-present)
By: Barry Hayes
Ever wondered who won medals at past OFSAAs and who were on those teams? How about where they all played after high school? This is Part 3 of a historical look at the medal-winning teams from every OFSAA ‘AAA’ since 2002. The goal was to find at least 5 top performers, whether it be starters and/or other notables, that competed at that OFSAA and really stood out. It includes where they played basketball after high school (including if they went to prep school first), if applicable. Players that were known to be injured and unable to participate are listed with [ ]. Junior team call-ups strictly for OFSAA experience were not included, nor were post-secondary schools where the player simply redshirted without playing a game. Players who competed for the team during the season, but were ineligible for OFSAA, were not included.  

I know there are missing schools for some players. Please forward any info you think would benefit this list to barryjhayes@hotmail.com.

To view results from this year's AAA OFSAA tournament, please visit http://www.ofsaa.on.ca/boys-aaa-basketball.



1. Bathurst Heights (Toronto)
Top Performers (TP): Phil Dixon (Utah), Eric James (Acadia), Ian Trought, Tony Peart, Steve Daley, Bobby Brown (Ottawa)

2. Governor Simcoe (St. Catharines)
TP: 6'8" Brian Bleich (Canisius/Mohawk/Brock), Allen MacDougall (Toronto/Brock), John Walsh (Ottawa)

3. Runnymede (Toronto)
TP: 6'5" Wayne Robertson (New Hampshire College), Kert Davis, Wayne Pelly (Brandon), 6'5" Jamie Watt (UNB), John Johnson, Paul Watson

4. Pickering (Ajax)
TP: 6'5" Tony King (Eastern Michigan), 6'5" Slavek Stawski (Carleton/Centennial), Hale Miller (Western), Brian Moore (Guelph)


1. Runnymede (Toronto)
TP: 6'5" Wayne Robertson (New Hampshire College), Vinton Bennett (Western Michigan), 6'8" Dave Sherwood (Guelph/Sheridan), 6'6" Cory Williams (Central Wesleyan), Costy Dessources, Allan Todd, Clarence Porter (Ottawa)

2. Sir Robert Borden (Ottawa)
TP: Steve Anderson (Simon Fraser/Windsor), David Munro (Simon Fraser), Brian Lee (St. Francis Xavier), Doug Elliot (Carleton), Mark Elliott, Gord Kritsch

3. Oakwood (Toronto)
TP: Jamie Procope (Brandon/Guelph/Ryerson), Bobbie Davis, Brendan Noonan (Western), Everton Lewis, Desmond Elliot, Dalton Higgins

4. Cardinal Leger (Brampton)
TP: 6'8" Michael Meeks (Eastern Kentucky/Canisius), 6'8" Marc Eversley (Urbana), 6'5" Robbie Adams (Sheridan), Chris Delaney (St. Mary's - NAIA)


1. Runnymede (Toronto)
TP: Vinton Bennett (Western Michigan), 6'8" Dave Sherwood (Guelph/Sheridan), 6'6" Cory Williams (Central Wesleyan), Costy Dessources, Clarence Porter (Ottawa), Greg Burke

2. Oakwood (Toronto)
TP: Brendan Noonan (Western), Patrick Johnson (Canadore/Durham/Lakehead), Greg Francis (Fairfield), Lui Cinello (Ryerson), Brien Campbell

3. Forest Heights (Kitchener)
TP: Mark Bullock (Laurier), Wayne Johnson (Conestoga), Lloyd "Dwayne" Newman (Sheridan/Humber), Chris Miller (Sheridan), Tim Demant, Dennis Meskis

4. Sir Robert Borden (Ottawa)
TP: Steve Anderson (Simon Fraser/Windsor), David Munro (Simon Fraser), Brian Lee (St. Francis Xavier), Steve Dever (Carleton/Algonquin/Niagara), Mark Elliott, Gord Kritsch


1. St. Mary's (Hamilton)
TP: Rich Wesolowski (Guelph/McMaster), 6'5" Anthony Randall (Lakehead), Jason Tatti (Brock/Mohawk), Jamie Girolametto (McMaster), Cesare Piccini (McMaster), 6'6" Gedis Dziemian (Brock/McMaster)

2. WD Lowe (Windsor)
TP: 6'5" Chad Curley (American International), Zoran Ristic (Windsor), Ottavio Mannarino (Windsor), Shannon Robbins (Lake Superior State), Al Poisson (St. Clair)

3. Martingrove (Toronto)
TP: Wayne Mulgrave (Acadia/Sheridan), George Frempong (Seneca/Sheridan), 6'7" Shawn Gray (Brandon), Andrew Taylor (Florida Southern), Greg Mapp (UNB/St. Thomas), Avery Brown

4. Cardinal Leger (Brampton)
TP: 6'9" Michael Meeks (Eastern Kentucky/Canisius), 6'5" Chris Bauldauf (Guelph), Chris Delaney (St. Mary's - NAIA), 6'6" Martin Weeks (Nebraska JuCo), Danny Palermo, Eddy Cocciolo


1. O'Neill (Oshawa)
TP: Doug Wilson (New Hampshire), Cam Nekkers (Coppin State/Guelph/Windsor), Jason Podrats (Western), 6'6" Jason Medford (St. Mary's), Chris Elmhurst

2. Runnymede (Toronto)
TP: Al St. Louis (Fairmont State/Humber), Delawn Grandison (Prep/Monroe JuCo/Durham/Liberty), Dwayne Hartley, Dwight Lindsay, Ancel Edwards (Cambrian), Dave Dawson, Steve Anderson (Windsor), [Jason Daley (Humber)]

3. Lester B Pearson (Toronto)
TP: 6'5" Dave Small (American), Merrick Palmer (St. Francis Xavier), Kenrick Hopkinson (Durham), Dennis Barham (Durham/Humber), Kevin Mitchell (UPEI), Richie Lyte (Shorter JuCo/Southeast Missouri State/Durham)

4. WD Lowe (Windsor)
TP: Zoran Ristic (Windsor), Ottavio Mannarino (Windsor), Shannon Robbins (Lake Superior State), 6'6" Ian Coaton (Sheridan/St. Clair)


1. Oakwood (Toronto)
TP: Greg Francis (Fairfield), O'Neil Kamaka (Champlain JuCo/St. Mary's-California), Geary Tomlinson, Reid Beckett (Western/Toronto), 6'5" Gabe Gonda (Toronto)

2. St. John's (Brantford)
TP: John Poulimenos (York/Windsor), Nick Poulimenos (Waterloo), Dan Pace (Laurier), Ryan Hammerich, Kelly Ireland, Sean Dorsey

3. Lester B Pearson (Toronto)
TP: 6'6" Dave Small (American), Kenrick Hopkinson (Durham), Dennis Barham (Durham/Humber), Kevin Mitchell (UPEI), 6'5" Richie Lyte (Shorter JuCo/Southeast Missouri State/Durham), Jermaine Bruce (Memorial), Dwayne Hopkinson (Dalhousie)

4. Martingrove (Toronto)
TP: 6'7" Shawn Gray (Brandon), Andrew Taylor (Florida Southern), Chuck Tallon (Lakehead), Rowan Beckford (Humber), Lennie Izzard (Brandon/Centennial/Cape Breton)


1. Cathedral (Hamilton)
TP: Joe Martin (Virginia Commonwealth/Columbus), Steve Maga (Simon Fraser/McMaster), Chris Clarke (St. Francis Xavier), 6'8" Matt Gruhl (Francis Marion), 6'6" Chad Colquhoun (Windsor), Bata Zelic (Mohawk)

2. Sir Robert Borden (Ottawa)
TP: Steve Dynie (Simon Fraser), John Doherty (St. Mary's), Wayne Thompson, Hugh Irwin, James MacLean, John Purdy (Queen's), Steve Presser, Brock MacNab, Ryan Bell (Western)

3. Runnymede (Toronto)
TP: Delawn Grandison (Prep/Monroe JuCo/Durham/Liberty), Trevor Challenger (Monroe JuCo/Durham/Ryerson), Tyrone Smith (Eastern Arizona JuCo/Fort Hays State/Brandon), Dean Williams, Kwasi Asamoah, Damian Cain, Kurt Henry (St. Mary's), Gerald Amponsah

4. Vaughan (Thornhill)
TP: Patrick Lewis (Humber), Sheldon Jones (Seneca), Richard Stewart, Shaun Clarke (IUPUI/Hillsdale), Chris Wright (Seneca), Dean D'Aguilar


1. Eastern Commerce (Toronto)
TP: 6'5" Doug Johnson (Miami-Ohio), Collin Charles (St. John's/Quinnipiac), Mark Ambers (Treasure Valley JuCo), Jason Dawkins (George Brown/Brandon), Wilton Edwards (Gulf Coast JuCo/George Brown), Roger Nurse (George Brown), Victor Herbert (Acadia), Erick Wynter (Acadia)

2. Westwood (Mississauga)
TP: Isaac King (St. Francis Xavier/Humber), Jerome Robinson (Bradley), Vance King (Brandon/Sheridan), Chris Bennett (Sheridan/Humber), Gill Smalling, Mike Brown, Jason Stapleton

3. Bathurst Heights (Toronto)
TP: Cornell Brown (JuCo/Humber), 6'6" Wayne Smith (Duquesne), Ahmed Wright, Simeon Powell, Joseph Asante (JuCo/Brandon), Ronald James

4. St. Augustine's (Brampton)
TP: Kevin Gordon (Laurentian), Jason John (York), Andre Hrvatin (Laurentian), Elvis Dennis (Sheridan)


1. Eastern Commerce (Toronto)
TP: 6'10" Jamaal Magloire (Kentucky), Collin Charles (St. John's/Quinnipiac), 6'6" Calvin Meikle (Toledo/Wilberforce), 6'8" Aaron Grant (San Jose State/SAIT), Wilton Edwards (Gulf Coast JuCo/George Brown), Erick Wynter (Acadia), Shawn Wyse (George Brown), Dwayne Beckford (Saint Rose), Waleed Belcher (George Brown/Ryerson)

2. Runnymede (Toronto)
TP: Tyrone Smith (Eastern Arizona JuCo/Fort Hays State/Brandon), Damian Cain, Kurt Henry (St. Mary's), Damion Waite, 6'5" Mark Damon (Humber), Omar Pompey, [6'6" Leighton Henry (George Mason), Clive Williams (Goldey-Beacom)]

3. Mother Teresa (Toronto)
TP: Duane Elder (Centennial), 6'6" Ashkan Rajaee (Tyler JuCo/Dalhousie/St. Mary's), Courtney Dennis, Shaun Bennett (Centennial), Richard Gallacher, Chaka Harris (Maryland-Eastern Shore/York), Sean DeGraaff (Centennial), Clifford Brown (George Brown)

4. Morning Star (Mississauga)
TP: 6'11" Aron Molnar (Northwestern), Mike George (Niagara/Sheridan/York), Craig Morgan (Sheridan), Phil Costantino, Simran Virk, Dale Jackson


1. Dr. Norman Bethune (Toronto)
TP: 6'9" Damian Reid (Dawson/St. Joseph's), Dan Selkirk (Toronto), 6'8" Tom Romas (York), 6'5" Scott Shepheard (York), Bazil Botetzayas (Laurier), Marlon Fearman (Centennial)

2. Oakwood (Toronto)
TP: Dean Walker (Central Connecticut State), Clifton Edwards (Laurentian), Dwayne Lawrence (York), Sam Tyson (Kirtland JuCo), Robert Annecchini (Laurentian)

3. Bathurst Heights (Toronto)
TP: 6'6" Wayne Smith (Duquesne), 6'6" Duane Dacres (Carl Albert JuCo/Cloud County JuCo/Wisconsin-Parkside/George Brown), Steve Morrison (Weber State), Simeon Powell, Joseph Asante (JuCo/Brandon), 6'7" Randy Nelson (Chicago State), Markus Wright

4. Catholic Central (Windsor)
TP: 6'8" Bill Davis (William & Mary), Charbel Chibani, John Mastromattei (St. Clair), Alphonso Shreve (St. Clair), Liem Mach, Ali Karnib, Sam Sobh


1. Cathedral (Hamilton)
TP: Marcus Jankus (Northern Illinois/Mercyhurst), Brian Taylor (McMaster/Mohawk), 6'7" Phil Martin (Hawaii), 6'8" Mihai Raducanu (Coastal Carolina), Simon Jones, Lloyd Cockett (Mohawk/Brandon), Clay Colquhoun (Alderson-Broaddus), Mike Lawton (Dalhousie), David Stala

2. Eastern Commerce (Toronto)
TP: 6'6" Vidal Massiah (St. Bonaventure), Kiroh Peterkin (Miami-Dade JuCo/Tusculum), Dwayne Beckford (Saint Rose), Gary Gaynor, Cordell Jeanty (Dawson/John Logan JuCo), Calvin Celestine (Ryerson), Andre Noel (American International), 6'6" Chris Otorro (Humber), Steve Allen (Windsor), Shawn Dwyer, Phillip Amadi

3. St. James (Guelph)
TP: 6'6" Mike King (Wisconsin-Green Bay), Paul Larsen (Waterloo), James Gillingham (Bradley), Mark Melehes (Guelph), Mark Halfpenny (Guelph), Darren Veira (Laurier/Western), Dave Veige, Chris Scott (Laurier/Guelph), Sean Byrne

4. Catholic Central (Windsor)
TP: 6'8" Bill Davis (William & Mary), John Mastromattei (St. Clair), Alphonso Shreve (St. Clair), Liem Mach, Ali Karnib, Matt Vassell, Chris Menard


1. St. James (Guelph)
TP: 6'6" Mike King (Wisconsin-Green Bay), James Gillingham (Bradley), Darren Veira (Laurier/Western), Chris Scott (Laurier/Guelph), Mike Rafter, John Melehes, Ryan Keleher

2. Cathedral (Hamilton)
TP: Lloyd Cockett (Mohawk/Brandon), 6'8" Phil Martin (Hawaii), 6'9" Mihai Raducanu (Coastal Carolina), Simon Jones, Leigh Taylor, Brian Jeremie (Mohawk), Mike Lawton (Dalhousie), Matt Erdman (Lakehead), Reggie Akrong (Francis Marion/McMaster)

3. Bathurst Heights (Toronto)
TP: Liviti Clarke (Robert Morris), Denham Brown (Connecticut), Andrew Carpenter (Dixie JuCo/Daytona Beach JuCo/Denver), Jason Knight, Ricardo Thomas, Derek Asante, Junior Jeffery, Nkrumah Ralph

4. St. Patrick's (Ottawa)
TP: Dove Lutaaya (Algonquin/Loyalist), BJ Charles (Carleton/Algonquin), John Kulwartin (Carleton), Dion Williams (St. Francis Xavier), Jose Flores, CJ Anderson (Algonquin), Edilson Silva (Durham), Gus Abou-Assaly, Richard Bowes


1. Bathurst Heights (Toronto)
TP: 6'5" Denham Brown (Connecticut), Andrew Carpenter (Dixie JuCo/Daytona Beach JuCo/Denver), Jason Knight, Omar Simpson (Winnipeg), Shane Morrison (Prep/St. Mary's), Fabian James, Jerome Watson

2. St. Patrick's (Ottawa)
TP: BJ Charles (Carleton/Algonquin), John Kulwartin (Carleton), Dion Williams (St. Francis Xavier), Jose Flores, Edilson Silva (Durham), Ali Mahmoud (Ottawa), Gus Abou-Assaly, Richard Bowes

3. Ancaster (Hamilton)
TP: Eli Carlone (Brock/McMaster), Jon Vermeer (Guelph), 6'8" Justin Dickens (Cape Breton/Lakehead), 6'5" Chris Sims, Scott McLeod (York), Randle DeFalco (NJIT), Glenn Johnstone, 6'8" Jordan Foebel (York)

4. Cathedral (Hamilton)
TP: Lloyd Cockett (Mohawk/Brandon), 6'7" Kwbana Beckles (Palm Beach JuCo/Winthrop/Concordia/Lee), Leigh Taylor, Reggie Akrong (Francis Marion/McMaster), Jon Maga, Brian Jeremie (Mohawk), Matt Erdman (Lakehead), 6'6" Ryan Millar (York), Louis Proietti (Prep)


1. Nelson (Burlington)
TP: 6'6" Chris Keith (Laurier/Niagara/Brock), Wade Currie (Laurier), Graham Dow (Cornell), Jon Behie (McMaster), 6'7" Jim Robinson, Blair Mearns, Aaron Sidenberg (Laurentian), Devon Cornelius, Fraser Dow

2. Notre Dame (Burlington)
TP: Rob Scully (McMaster), Todd Cooney (Laurier), Joey Martins, Doug Jones, 6'7" John Marshall (York/Carleton), Nick Cieslewicz, Justin Osei-Dwumoh (Mohawk), Mike Crabtree, Paul Diez

3. Bathurst Heights (Toronto)
TP: 6'5" Denham Brown (Connecticut), Andrew Carpenter (Dixie JuCo/Daytona Beach JuCo/Denver), Jason Knight, Jerome Watson, Allen Miller, Stevie Taylor, Michael Linton

4. Jean Vanier (Toronto)
TP: 6'5" Oliver Prince (Prep/LeMoyne Owen/Monroe JuCo/Florida A&M/D'Youville), Kiefer John, Aaron Antrobus (Santa Fe JuCo/Centennial), Andrew Morris (SAIT), Jermaine Douglas, 6'5" Brian DaSilva, Manny Fernandez, Glenn Ting

*OFSAA begins the AAAA classification


1. Central Commerce (Toronto)
Top Performers (TP): Paulo Santana (Southeastern JuCo/Acadia), Edilson Baradas (Cape Breton), Darren Glean (George Brown), Abdi Okash, Gyasi Moffett, Ted Trotman, Justin Lyavala

2. Highland (Hamilton)
TP: David Morlog, Jason Drysdale, Dave Heidenbrecht, Mark Shaw, Jonathon MacKenzie, Chris Telfer, Karon Narine

3. York Memorial (Toronto)
TP: Tab Donaldson (North Dakota State JuCo/Acadia/Georgian/Sheridan), Alman Blackman, Andrew Darby (George Brown), Tabby Donaldson, Chad Noel, Kwasi McKnight, Temitope Opalete

4. Samuel Genest (Ottawa)
TP: Osvaldo Jeanty (Carleton), Jean-Emmanuel Jean-Marie (Carleton), Pascal Rene, Jimmy Manigat, Sebastien Cholette, Serge Kasende (Centennial), Didier Doirin (Carleton/Algonquin)


1. Frontenac (Kingston)
TP: Stu Turnbull (Carleton), Rob Saunders (Carleton), Craig Smith (Ottawa/Algonquin), Dee Sterling, Wil Hunter, Josh Torres

2. Central Commerce (Toronto)
TP: Paulo Santana (Southeastern JuCo/Acadia), 6'5" Iffy Ehirim (Prep/Birmingham Southern/Robert Morris), Steve Jones (MSU-Bottineau JuCo/Acadia), Omar Sybbliss (Prep/Fanshawe), Mark Harriott

3. Sherwood (Hamilton)
TP: 6'7" Dejan Grkovic (UNC-Wilmington), Nick Pankerichan (Guelph), Andrew Corry, Scott Horlacher, Anthony Rennie (Mohawk), Eric McGregor

4. PCVS (Peterborough)
TP: 6'7" Greg Surmacz (East Tennessee State/Kirkwood JuCo/Windsor), Jeff Bolton (Queen's), Chris White (Toronto), Jamie Tudhope (Laurier), Isaac Jones


1. Emery (Toronto)
TP: 6'10" David Collins (Missouri State-West Plains JuCo/Bradley), Nicholas Obeng (Georgian), Shervin Henry, Andre Wilkins (Blinn JuCo/Cornell), Eugene Paul (Prep)

2. St. Clair (Sarnia)
TP: Chad Pereira (Lambton), Jason Milliquet (Western), Chris Hart (Lambton), Rusty Hoekstra, Rob Oravec, Rob Nickel

3. St. Paul's (Niagara Falls)
TP: Kenny Colosimo (Western), Chris Candusso, Chris Parillo, Billy Jones, Greg Lavalle

4. PCVS (Peterborough)
TP: 6'8" Greg Surmacz (East Tennessee State/Kirkwood JuCo/Windsor), 6'5" Tom Baginski (Toronto), Chris White (Toronto), Nick Beamish, Gabe Hulsman


1. St. Patrick's (Sarnia)
TP: 6'5" Andrew Wedemire (Western), 6'6" Pat Wright (Fanshawe/Western), Matt Ross, 6'6" Nevada Cooke, Aaron Langille, Eric Taylor

2. Emery (Toronto)
TP: Andre Wilkins (Blinn JuCo/Cornell), Panyon Makur (Prep/Genesee JuCo/Fullerton JuCo/Centennial), Nicholas Obeng (Georgian), Shervin Henry, Eugene Paul (Prep), Carlyle Francis (Tallahassee JuCo/Binghamton/Centennial), Jason Blackwood, Ola Adegboruwa (Lake Region State JuCo/Ryerson)

3. Assumption (Brantford)
TP: Mackenzie Milmine (Humber/Mohawk), Jesse Macdonald (Laurier), Mike Emmett (Mohawk), Kent Squire-Hill, Tyler Granthum

4. St. Marguerite d'Youville (Brampton)
TP: Jose Araujo (Humber/UNBC), Rodel Grenaway (NAIT/Humber), 6'5" Jemeel Brown (Sheridan), Brandon Sewell (Vanier/Fanshawe), Jahmol Samuels (Sheridan/NAIT), Julius Mensah, Andre Cox


1. Catholic Central (Windsor)
TP: Keak Biel (Kirkwood JuCo/New Mexico Military JuCo/Adams State/Red Deer/Brock), Tyrone Crawford, Javaughn Langlois, Bilal El-Haghassan (St. Clair), Sean Jacob, Mark Arcangel

2. Vaughan Road (Toronto)
TP: Alex Johnson (Cal State-Bakersfield/North Carolina State), Ashly July (Humber), 6'6" Nemanja Stankovic (Chicago State/Tennessee-Temple/Ryerson), Jason Burke (NAIT/CUCA/Red Deer), Jesse Zorzella

3. Governor Simcoe (St. Catharines)
TP: Travis Berry (Laurier), 6'5" Andrew Ferguson (Brock), Tim Ashcraft (Brock), Jay Fleming (Brock), Pat Mroczek

4. Sacred Heart (Newmarket)
TP: Scott Laws (McMaster), Alex Arthur (Daytona State JuCo/Dalhousie/St. Francis Xavier), Dan Bannister (Queen's), Ben Garvin (Toronto), Sadiki Hypolite, Matt Kinney


1. Southwood (Cambridge)
TP: 6'11" Zach Nagtzaam (Ohio), Josh Crone (Bishop's), James Badder, Mark Bevan, Dan Watkins, Adam Gascho

2. Catholic Central (Windsor)
TP: Tyrone Crawford, Kien Langlois, Sean Jacob, Rob Pierce (Lambton/Red Deer), Stason Golden (Red Deer), Ahmed Cherry, Jacob Cusumano (Valley City State/Red Deer)

3. Governor Simcoe (St. Catharines)
TP: Travis Berry (Laurier), 6'5" Andrew Ferguson (Brock), Tim Ashcraft (Brock), Jay Fleming (Brock), Pat Mroczek, Jake Planinc (Mount Allison), Evan Griffith

4. Jean Vanier (Toronto)
TP: Jessie Simmons (Humber/JuCo), Eric Smith (Durham), Vlad Pislaru (Ottawa), 6'5" Kyle Ethier (Humber), Hirui Bereket, Jamal Bedward, Azam Samarasekera


1. St. Patrick's (Ottawa)
TP: Greg Carter (Lakehead), Afeworki Gerberkerestos (Ryerson), Brandon Jean (Holland College), Jesse Duodu (Algonquin), Jamal Babineau (Prep/Western Nebraska JuCo/Ryerson), Philbert Louis (Cambrian), Farshad Chezani

2. Vaughan (Thornhill)
TP: 6'5" Nick Wiggins (Prep/Vincennes JuCo/Wabash Valley JuCo/Wichita State), 6'5" Mitchell Wiggins (Hillsborough JuCo/Southeastern), Greg Merritt (Humber), Kareem Frederick (Crandall/Mount St. Vincent), James Choi (York), Josh Collins (Windsor)

3. Central Commerce (Toronto)
TP: Darnell Walters, Patrick Kalala (Loyalist/UNB), Gamachu Ibrahim (UNB/NAIT), 6'5" Abdimalik Mohamed, Jamal Paisley, Milos Janjic (Thompson Rivers/NAIT)

4. Oakridge (London)
TP: 6'5" Peter Scholtes (Western), Craig Hansford, 6'5" Kyle Marriott, Mike Shalaby, Michael Wright, TJ Sanders


1. St. Matthew's (Ottawa)
TP: 6'6" Tyson Hinz (Carleton), Scott Ring (Carleton/Bishop’s), Garnet Blais (Algonquin), Jeremy Leonard-Smith (Bishop’s/Victoria), Kyle Ring, Gavin Resch (Carleton)

2. Emery (Toronto)
TP: 6'5" Anthony Ottley (Kilgore JuCo/Windsor/Durham/Trinity Western/Red Deer), Kadeem Francis (St. Lawrence), Robert Clarke (Humber/Ryerson), Khalid Wilson, Nathan Wright

3. Vaughan (Thornhill)
TP: Josh Collins (Windsor), Dejaun Sutherland (Laurier), James Choi (York), 6'5" Davion Eccles, CJ Isit, Motti Ali

4. Martingrove (Toronto)
TP: Matthew Wright (St. Bonaventure), Justin Bakuteka (Lakeland/Trinity Western), 6'5" Stevan Manojlovic (Drexel/Western), Troy McDonald, 6'6" Mohamed Osman (Seneca/Guelph)


1. Martingrove (Toronto)
TP: Matthew Wright (St. Bonaventure), Justin Bakuteka (Lakeland/Trinity Western), 6'5" Stevan Manojlovic (Drexel/Western), Troy McDonald, Teddy Fordjour, Sukhpreet Singh (Queen's), Dujuon Brown (Sault)

2. St. Ignatius of Loyola (Oakville)
TP: Mike L'Africain (Ottawa), Adam Presutti (McMaster/Ottawa), Rohan Boney (McMaster), Troy Stevenson (Waterloo), Daniel Dyrda, 6'9" Mike Andrews (Bishop's), Zachary Colangelo

3. Jarvis (Toronto)
TP: Aaron Shadrach, 6'6" Jamal Gatali (Prep/Marshalltown JuCo/Slippery Rock), Mussa Noble-Mohamed (York), Jamaal Thomas, Tony Nguyen, Vinothan Suntharalingam

4. Orchard Park (Hamilton)
TP: 6'7" Taylor Black (McMaster), 6'5" Satar Wahidi (McMaster), Carlin McLean, Faruk Golotic, Wasse Wahidi, Mathew Kit


1. Anderson (Whitby)
TP: Justin Edwards (Maine/Kansas State), 6'5" Dyshawn Pierre (Dayton), Jacob Hutchcroft (Western), Jermaine Jones, Mitchell Ledgerwood, Chris Pinette, Craig Williams

2. Dr. John M Denison (Newmarket)
TP: Kevin Pangos (Gonzaga), Brett Zufelt (Algoma), Brayden Gohn (Loyalist/Humber), Zac Marcelline (Loyalist/Georgian/Humber), Mark Perrone, Milad Gulam

3. WF Herman (Windsor)
TP: Antoine Chandler (Eastern Michigan), Matt Barker (St. Clair), Tyler Storie (Prep/St. Clair), Charles Johnson, Jayden Gauthier

4. Hillcrest (Ottawa)
TP: Issack Egueh (Prep/Brock/La Cité), 6’7” John Lenz (Queen’s), Emad Abdelmagid, Wajdi Abumengel, Gurkaran Bajwa, Murphy Beya (Algonquin/SAIT)


1. Anderson (Whitby)
TP: 6'6" Dyshawn Pierre (Dayton), Jacob Hutchcroft (Western), Jermaine Jones, Brandon Nickelchok (Durham), Fario Mabanza, Myles Daniel, Matthew Marquis-Wedderburn

2. Notre Dame (Burlington)
TP: Grant Mullins (Columbia), Justin Springer, Daniel Dooley (Guelph), Jordan Scott (Houghton), Greg Owens, Mike Mullins (Queen's)

3. Martingrove (Toronto)
TP: Emmanuel Owootoah (Prep/Fresno State/Carleton/Brock), 6'6" Connor Gilmore (Prep/McMaster), Steffon Watson, 6'5" Gabriel Soicher (Western), Sukhpreet Singh (Queen's), David Anderson (Prep/Sault)

4. St. Theresa's (Midland)
TP: Derrick Stobbs (Niagara College), 6'5" Blake Hayley (Laurier), Alec Brunelle, Russell Fox (Lambton), AJ Mink, Jedson Tavernier (Western)


1. Catholic Central (Windsor)
TP: Mychal Mulder (Vincennes JuCo/Kentucky), Shavon Gayle (Owens JuCo/St. Clair/UPEI), Marcus Calloo (Western), Devonte Pierce (Kwantlen), Malique Calloo (St. Clair), Eriq Jenkins (LeMoyne/Western), Alston Gayle, Dimitri Robbins

2. St. Patrick's (Ottawa)
TP: Roydell Clarke (St. Francis Xavier), Chris Nsenga, Sheldon Jean (Georgian), Braeden Wilkinson (Georgian), Jephte Francois, Chris Anderson (Georgian/Algonquin), Gatluak Reathmun, Yan Omanyundu, Michael Yohannes

3. Notre Dame (Burlington)
TP: Daniel Dooley (Guelph), Jordan Scott (Houghton), Mike Mullins (Queen's), Willy Paul, Aidan Bull (Toronto), Adam Kerckhaert

4. Jean Vanier (Toronto)
TP: 6'6" Ravaughn Gayle (Tyler JuCo/Central Arizona JuCo/UNB), Sammy Ayisi (Queen's), Simon Girmay, Jarael Campbell, Ronnell Perry, Ronald Perry, Michael Frimpong, Kevin Ekofo


1. Saltfleet (Hamilton)
TP: 6'5" Nikola Djogo (Prep/Notre Dame/Northeastern), Woods Brown (Brock/Redeemer), Nick Pett, Darnell Curtin (Lakehead), Kingsley Campbell-Olsen (Lakehead), Foster Brown (Redeemer), Brett Putzig

2. Catholic Central (Windsor)
TP: Isaiah Familia (UBC/Western), Eriq Jenkins (LeMoyne/Western), 6'5" Nyong James, Malique Calloo (St. Clair), Raekwon Fazekas-Elliott, Najee Brown-Henderson (Prep/Triton JuCo/Mayville State), Donald Mensah

3. St. Theresa's (Midland)
TP: Jedson Tavernier (Western), 6'6" Stephen Hayley (Toronto), 6'6" Matt Hall (Brock/Fanshawe), Zack Marchildon (Waterloo), Bruce Leadbetter, Zack Fike

4. St. Patrick's (Ottawa)
TP: Muhammed Kabeya, Mike Miller, 6'5" Lock Lam (Prep/Gillette JuCo/Lakehead), Jephte Francois, Ryan Kabuya (Algonquin), Stefan Vijackic, Yan Omanyundu


1. Catholic Central (Windsor)
TP: Eriq Jenkins (LeMoyne/Western), Malique Calloo (St. Clair), Raekwon Fazekas-Elliott, Najee Brown-Henderson (Prep/Triton JuCo/Mayville State), Donald Mensah, 6'5" Akim Lol Ruot (St. Clair/Fleming/Loyalist), Dominic Johnson (Buffalo), Dantee Nadeau

2. West Humber (Toronto)
TP: Tyshawn McLawrence-Gayle (George Brown), Keith Laryea (Lambton/Humber), Fenanov Dafinisse, Hassan Mohamoud, Johneil Richardson, Balwinder Jagpal, Tyvell Peters (Prep/Lambton/St. Clair)

3. Cathedral (Hamilton)
TP: Kareem Collins-Samuels (Mohawk/McMaster), Paulo Linguenhe, Jorge Leitao, Mohamed Gaafer (Mohawk), Bardhi Popaj, Oneil Stubbs, 6'5" Isiah Gordon

4. Saltfleet (Hamilton)
TP: 6'6" Nikola Djogo (Prep/Notre Dame/Northeastern), Woods Brown (Brock/Redeemer), Nick Pett, Darnell Curtin (Lakehead), 6'5" Kingsley Campbell-Olsen (Lakehead), Foster Brown (Redeemer), Brett Putzig, Samad Khan


1. Father Henry Carr (Toronto)
TP: 6'7" Shamar Bailey-DeCoteau (Hill JuCo/William Penn), Shae Linton-Brown (Georgia Highlands JuCo/Williston State JuCo/St. Mary's), Carlo Dubria (Sheridan), Mychael Paulo (Williston State JuCo/Montana State/McMaster), John Akende (Prep/Fanshawe), Tristan Sadler (Prep/Snow JuCo), Kyle Lefave (Holland), Denier Campbell (Lake Region State JuCo), Dan Kazumba

2. Oakwood (Toronto)
TP: Kadre Gray (Laurentian), Matej Juric (Prep/Drexel), DeQuon Cascart (Humber), Josis Thomas (Laurentian/Windsor), Modou Ceesay (Sault/Sheridan), Tyrel O'Brian (Algoma), Nathaniel Nelson, Jevon Jeremiah, Alex Comanita (Prep/Northwestern State)

3. St. Michael's (Toronto)
TP: 6'8" Danilo Djuricic (Harvard), 6'5" Jahmal Abbey-Wright (Prep/Miami Dade JuCo/Simon Fraser), Kobey Ketavong (Prep/Williston State JuCo/Denver/Charleston), Matthew Zmija, Chimelie Chibututu (Johns Hopkins), Sam Rautins (Prep/Canisius/Daytona State JuCo), Isaac Atta

4. Sir John A Macdonald (Waterloo)
TP: Nedim Hodzic (Waterloo), Simon Petrov (Waterloo), Justin Hardy (Waterloo), Jordan Iwaniuk, Nic Milosevic, Devon Gallivan, Chris Bullock, Dragan Stajic (Prep/Ottawa)


1. St. Michael's (Toronto)
TP: 6'8" Danilo Djuricic (Harvard), 6'8" Atik Gilao (Prep/St. Francis Xavier), Kobey Ketavong (Prep/Williston State JuCo/Denver/Charleston), Inaki Alvarez-Fernandez (Toronto), Sam Rautins (Prep/Canisius/Daytona State JuCo), Chimelie Chibututu (Johns Hopkins), Josua Asamoah, Kyle Duke-Simpson (Prep/North Carolina A&T)

2. St. Benedict's (Cambridge)
TP: Zubair Seyed (Ryerson/Daytona State JuCo/Dixie State/Fraser Valley), 6'10" Evan Rodenburg (Waterloo), Justin Malnerich (Waterloo), Devante Douse (Fanshawe), 6'6" Jake Polski (Windsor), Alex Douglas, Lucas Cardoso

3. Pine Ridge (Pickering)
TP: Jordan Henry (Prep/Western/McMaster), Matteus Case (Prep/Providence), Shakael Pryce (Windsor), Darnelle Peddie (St. Clair), Yanick Hannibal (Seneca), Tristian Berry (Seneca), Miles Hall (St. Clair), Jordan McGranachan (Durham)

4. Cardinal Newman (Hamilton)
TP: Maliek Gordon (McMaster), 6'6" Tyrell Hebert, Goran Veselinovic (Laurier/Redeemer), Nick Rakas, Dejuan Southe, Tyler Bridgman, Kuzari Reid


1. Pine Ridge (Pickering)
TP: Shakael Pryce (Windsor), Matteus Case (Prep/Providence), Darnelle Peddie (St. Clair), Derrell McLaughlin-Pereira (Prep), Jesiah Deerr (Durham/St. Clair), Jalen Deerr (Fanshawe), Miles Hall (St. Clair), Jerry Mercury (St. Clair), Nathaniel Joseph-Parker (Durham), J.B.Wong (Fanshawe)

2. St. Francis Xavier (Mississauga)
TP: Nathaniel Brown (Arizona Western JuCo/Humber), Justus Salmon (Humber), Ares Guerra, Raheem Dennis (Grayson JuCo/Humber), Marc Vicioso, Tyrell Vickers, Nathan Charles (Prep/McMaster), Micah Rose-Mighty

3. Cathedral (Hamilton)
TP: Nathan Bilamu (Canadore/Lakehead), Malcolm Maganda, Zanyah Jones, Kionte Collins, Shawn Mattan

4. St. Michael's (Toronto)
TP: Kyle Duke-Simpson (Prep/North Carolina A&T), 6'5" Nana Boateng (Prep/Laurier), Inaki Alvarez-Fernandez (Toronto), Ben Stonkus, Jack Foran, Aleer Aleer-Leek (Prep/Toronto), Raeshaun Ambris (Angelina JuCo)


1. Pine Ridge (Pickering)
Roster: Dameisho Borden (Fanshawe), Jacksons Dennis, Miles Hall (St. Clair), 6'5" Drazen Jerkovic, Nathaniel Joseph-Parker (Durham), Darnelle Peddie (St. Clair), Shakael Pryce (Windsor), J.B. Wong (Fanshawe), Jayden Grange (Prep), Tareek Kerr, Marcus Moore (Prep/Vincennes JuCo), Mike Lamourie, Elijah Mahi (Prep), 6'6" Jahson Tomlinson (Prep)

2. La Salle (Kingston)
Roster: Yates Drake, 6'5" Cole Syllas (Queen's), Nigel LeGood, Luka Syllas (Queen's), Chris Hannah, Cam Sartor, Landon Elliott, 6'8" Nathan Walton, Logan Elliott, Kaede Canuel, Luke Winsor, Ryan McIntyre, Nik Kotsovolos

3. Central Toronto Academy (Toronto)
Roster: Angelo Alison, Kent Cancino, 6'5" Ree Compton (Trinity Western), Junior Fernandes, Shamar Forbes (Laurentian), 6'6" Flynn Gilmour (Prep/Lakehead), Jordan Joseph, Kevon Kawano, Umit Kilinc, Lamar Peters, Ararssa Yimamu, Evin Harkins, Theo Blackett

4. Saltfleet (Hamilton)
Roster: Marko Josipovic, Dan Di Sabatino, Gerry Kountouris, 6'6" Steven Lagah, Shihab Bulushi, Liam Magee, Jordan Achioso, Dacquam Stewart, Nolan Ormerod (Western), Jaidon Blakeman-Forrester, Thomas Matsell (McMaster), 6'5" Davis Chesworth, Dawson Matsell (Prep)


1. Crestwood (Toronto)
Roster: 6'5" Kobe Antwi, 6'5" Caleb Arthur, Jamarion Carter, 6'7" Romad Dean, 6'8" Ryan Djoussa, 6'6" Elijah Fisher, Jaden Langley-Thomas, K'Shawn Latty, 6'7" Steven Lazar (Siena), Dezayne Mingo, 6'6" Immanuel Oludele, Caiden Oshinowo, Trevon Thomas (Vanderbilt)

2. Kennedy (Windsor)
Roster: Muftah Ageli, Jibraeil Badereddine, Jesse Bishop, Kyle Brown-Fazekas (Humber), Demetrius Grenier-McGee, Hamza Hamdan, Mohamed Hamdan, 6'5" Milan Jaksic (MacEwan), Andrew Loyuk, Kevin Rosales, Raef Saleh, Ardell Scott-Jackson, 6'7" Mazin Tiea (Keyano), Gardally Toto

3. Jean Vanier (Milton)
Roster: Saad Asim, Wilbur Dsouza, Dario Green, Abdulmajid Hassan, Ishmail Hassan, Julien Lemon (York), Tristan Miller, Macera Ndambi, Jayven Ramlakhan, Justice Sewitt, Mark Warner, D'shawn Williams, Jaylen Wood

4. Eastwood (Kitchener)
Roster: Julian Adigun, Julian Eichler, Andy Hutchison, Abdulazeez Jasim, Jacob Makins, Elijah Meza, Jonah Ndhlovu (Prep), Noah Ndhlovu, Dawit Simon, Ryan Thompson, Ladera Ujullu-Obang