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AAAA OFSAA History (2002-2015)
By: Barry Hayes
Ever wondered who won medals at past OFSAAs and who were on those teams? How about where they all played after high school? This is a historical look at the medal-winning teams from every OFSAA ‘AAAA’ since its inception in 2002. It includes where they played basketball after high school (including if they went to prep school first), if applicable. Players that were known to be injured and unable to participate are listed with [ ]. Junior team call-ups strictly for OFSAA experience were not included, nor were post-secondary schools where the player simply redshirted without playing a game (unless they are currently redshirting this year as a transfer - e.g. Juevol Myles).



1. Eastern Commerce (Toronto)
Starters: Jermaine Anderson (Fordham), Kingsley Costain (Champlain-Lennoxville/Pepperdine/Concordia), 6'6" Ola Matti (Lamar/Canisius), Tristan Blackwood (Central Connecticut State), David Thompson
Bench: Kerwin Liverpool (Cape Breton), Emu Kumane (George Brown), Tyrone Mattison (Long Island), Jean-Paul Kamand (Capilano/Simon Fraser), Calvin Wigley (Loyalist), Dini Farah, Cameron Johnson (George Brown), Tevya Reid

2. Oakwood (Toronto)
Starters: Phil Hahn (North Dakota State JuCo/North Dakota State), Nemanja Maric (Centennial), Mike DeGiorgio (Toronto), Telord Lessekuta (Cape Breton), Jamal Fletcher (Humber/Loyalist)
Bench: Jonathan Wyse (Humber/Cape Breton), Michael Moscatelli, Cali Braithwaite, Everson Black, 6'5" Curtis Farley, Andrew Coa, Robbie Cheung

3. Nelson (Burlington)
Starters: Graham Dow (Cornell), Jon Behie (McMaster), Aaron Sidenberg (Laurentian), 6'7" Jim Robinson, Ben Fielding
Bench: Devon Cornelius, 6'5" Shane Porter, Kyle Rothwell, James McBain, Tag Russell, Francis McMullan, Aamir Zafar, Scott MacLennan, Zach Storm, Jeff Farrelly

4. John McGregor (Chatham) 
Starters: Kevin Kloostra (Binghamton/Casper JuCo/Windsor), Alan Cattrysse, Andy Fantuz, Kyle Robbins, PJ Hamilton
Bench: Ryan Morrison, Mark Oulds, Matt Handsor (Windsor), Scott Currie, Rob Shaw, Mike Bean, Jeremy Derksen


1. Eastern Commerce (Toronto)
Starters: Kingsley Costain (Champlain-Lennoxville/Pepperdine/Concordia), Tristan Blackwood (Central Connecticut State), 6'5" Aaron Duncan (St. Mary's), David Thompson, Jean-Paul Kamand (Capilano/Simon Fraser)
Bench: Ronnie Williams (Prep/Mercyhurst), Calvin Wigley (Loyalist), Reynold Walters (Central Michigan), Tyrone Mattison (Long Island), Cameron John-Proctor (Prep/Vincennes JuCo/Cape Breton), Bola Beals

2. Father Henry Carr (Toronto)
Starters: Antwi Atuahene (Trinity Valley JuCo/Arizona State), Jermaine Symonds (Casper JuCo/Colorado State-Pueblo), Jason Benjamin, Bode Olagundoye (St. Clair/Brandon/Sheridan), Kerchel Carter (Prep)
Bench: John Shaboo, Zaya Kuyena, Richard Frimpong (Sault), Kevoughn Alleyne (Sault), Ryan Dawinan, Nick Hinds, Charles Agyemang (Guelph)

3. Cathedral (Hamilton)
Starters: 6'5" Majak Kou (Loyola-Chicago), Andre Harvey (Loyalist), Jermaine Dunkley (Mohawk), Joe Polizzi (McMaster), Victor Fynn
Bench: Greg Garcia (Mohawk), Anthony Culley, 6'7" Brandon Lukasik (McMaster), Bryan Furtado, Nick Cover, Daniel Williams (Mohawk), Jesse Beaulac, Justin Gallant, 6'5" David Portillo

4. AN Myer (Niagara Falls)
Starters: Brad Rootes (Brock), Michael Kemp (Brock), 6'7" Dustin Bianchin (Brock), Kevin Jones, Milos Karadzic
Bench: Brent Harris, Greg Gnys, Brian Shupe, Jay Conte, Kyle Bench, Bryce Denisko


1. Eastern Commerce (Toronto)
Starters: Tristan Blackwood (Central Connecticut State), Tyrone Mattison (Long Island), Ronnie Williams (Prep/Mercyhurst), Reynold Walters (Central Michigan), 6'8" Vitas Naudziunas (Prep/Lake Superior State/Urbana)
Bench: Learie Duncan (Coffeyville JuCo/Panola JuCo), Kedar Ahmed (Fanshawe), Earl Greene (Prep), Andrew Cunningham (Prep/Redlands JuCo/Winnipeg), Monty Hardware (Windsor), 6'5" Kris Montaque (Ryerson)

2. Cathedral (Hamilton)
Starters: Jermaine Dunkley (Mohawk), Joe Polizzi (McMaster), Victor Fynn, Bryan Furtado, Yannick N'kindu (Genesee JuCo/Erie JuCo/Niagara College)
Bench: Romeo Walker, 6'8" Brandon Lukasik (McMaster), Robert Smith, Daniel Williams (Mohawk), 6'5" David Portillo, [Zak Khumalo], Vauhn Williams (Niagara/Brock), 6'5" Justin Dick, Joe Ssemanda, Rai-Sean Greenidge

3. Frontenac (Kingston)
Starters: Stu Turnbull (Carleton), Rob Saunders (Carleton), Craig Smith (Ottawa/Algonquin), Dee Sterling, Justin Wallace
Bench: 6'5" Mitch Leger (Queen's), Zach Bell, Dan Adams, Steve Crozier, Shane Pettitt (St. Lawrence), Dan Steele, Dean Steele

4. Mother Teresa (Toronto)
Starters: Jumol Mullings (Prep/Dalhousie), Papa Oppong (Coffeyville JuCo/Panola JuCo/Eastern Kentucky), Jadwey Hemmings (Humber), Milton Laidley (Centennial), Obinna Nwogu
Bench: Justin Dennis (Panola JuCo/Cal State-Bakersfield/Montana State-Northern), Cedric Carter (Prep/Seneca/Durham), Dave Mills (Centennial), Craig Nelson (Centennial/Humber), Sheldon Addison, Adrian Bent, Andre Bell (Centennial), Bruce James


1. Eastern Commerce (Toronto)
Starters: Tyrone Mattison (Long Island), Ronnie Williams (Prep/Mercyhurst), Learie Duncan (Coffeyville JuCo/Panola JuCo), Kedar Ahmed (Fanshawe), Earl Greene (Prep)
Bench: Andrew Cunningham (Prep/Redlands JuCo/Winnipeg), Chretien Lukusa (Binghamton), Monty Hardware (Windsor), [6'6" Kris Montaque (Ryerson)], 6'9" Nick Rigakos (Memorial), 6'6" Matthew Priestly (Prep/Albany State)

2. Mother Teresa (Toronto)
Starters: Justin Dennis (Panola JuCo/Cal State-Bakersfield/Montana State-Northern), Papa Oppong (Coffeyville JuCo/Panola JuCo/Eastern Kentucky), Jadwey Hemmings (Humber), Danhue Lawrence (Barton County JuCo/Lethbridge), Cedric Carter (Prep/Seneca/Durham)
Bench: Craig Nelson (Centennial/Humber), Chris Hibbert (Centennial), Jon Semira (Western), Andre Bell (Centennial), Bruce James, McKeyra Peter, Gael Kanza (Carleton), Anthony Williams

3. West Hill (Toronto)
Starters: 6'5" Jevohn Shepherd (Michigan), Nathan Skinner (Miami-Dade JuCo), Shamar Coombs (Prep/Tallahassee JuCo/Texas A&M-Corpus Christi), 6'5" Dwayne Smith (Prep/George Washington), 6'6" Jamaar Burke (Casper JuCo/Cameron)
Bench: Juevol Myles (Tallahassee JuCo/Kansas State/South Dakota), 6'5" Akeem Small (Prep), 6'5" Herve Mbuyamba (Fleming), Dane Smith (Kilgore JuCo/Tennessee-Martin), Kafele Bingham, 6'6" Anthony Bishop (McMaster)

4. Cathedral (Hamilton)
Starters: Yannick N'kindu (Genesee JuCo/Erie JuCo/Niagara College), Ricky Dunkley (Humber), Bryan Furtado, 6'8" Brandon Lukasik (McMaster), Kyle Mayers (Prep/UMass-Lowell)
Bench: Decee Krah (Concordia), Robert Smith, Daniel Williams (Mohawk), Vauhn Williams (Niagara/Brock), Mike Barr (Mohawk), Joe Ssemanda, 6'5" Justin Dick, Rai-Sean Greenidge, Davian Bogle


1. Mother Teresa (Toronto)
Starters: Justin Dennis (Panola JuCo/Cal State-Bakersfield/Montana State-Northern), Papa Oppong (Coffeyville JuCo/Panola JuCo/Eastern Kentucky), Craig Nelson (Centennial/Humber), Chris Hibbert (Centennial), 6'6" Ryan Walker (Humber)
Bench: Jon Semira (Western), Adrian Bent, Bruce James, McKeyra Peter, Gael Kanza (Carleton), Chris East (Prep/ASA JuCo/Bishop's/Minot State), Romaine Lawrence (St. Lawrence/Algonquin), Alex Mallari, Jerome Bingham

2. West Hill (Toronto)
Starters: Juevol Myles (Tallahassee JuCo/Kansas State/South Dakota), 6'5" Dwayne Smith (Prep/George Washington), 6'6" Akeem Small (Prep), Dane Smith (Kilgore JuCo/Tennessee-Martin), Kafele Bingham
Bench: Kyle Johnson (Long Island), 6'5" Herve Mbuyamba (Fleming), Sean Monplaisir (Lake Land JuCo/Bishop's), Jordan Sterling, [6'5" Taylor Johnston (Binghamton)], Calmar Morgan (Seneca)

3. Pickering (Ajax)
Starters: Devoe Joseph (Minnesota/Oregon), Stephen Lopez (Bossier Parish JuCo/Dalhousie), Marcus Wong (Prep/Palm Beach JuCo/Dalhousie/Red Deer), Lyndon Rainford (Prep), Tim Cozier
Bench: Damion Davis (Prep), Sephton Spence (Lethbridge), Brandon Thomas-James (Lethbridge), Ryan Shepherd (Durham), Justin Wiltshire (Lincoln Trail JuCo/Windsor), 6'5" Jamal Beckles-Forde, Tristan Beadle, Afras Khattak, Adam Brown, Phil Isaacs, Andrew Noble

4. Father Henry Carr (Toronto)
Starters: Yonas Berhe (Prep/Louisiana Tech/Minot State/Keyano/NAIT), Marvin Whyte (Prep/Humber), Rodel Grenaway (NAIT/Humber), 6'7" Stanley Ankrah (Algonquin), Dominique Brown (Laurier/Lakeland/Winnipeg)
Bench: 6'5" Curtis Trotter (Prep/Georgia Perimeter JuCo/Northwest JuCo/Texas A&M-International), Tervil Brown (Grande Prairie/SAIT), Daniel Falloon (Lakeland), Aditaya Sharma, Misha Amoah, Jeff Donaldson, Phil Jones


1. Pickering (Ajax)
Starters: Devoe Joseph (Minnesota/Oregon), Cory Joseph (Prep/Texas), Harouna Mutombo (Western Carolina), 6'5" Justin Wiltshire (Lincoln Trail JuCo/Windsor), 6'5" Brandon Thomas-James (Lethbridge)
Bench: Sephton Spence (Lethbridge), Jonathan Tull (Central Connecticut State/Acadia/Regina), Clayon Bennett (Humber/NAIT), Jhedon McPherson (Centennial), Nathan Campbell, Delroy Thomas, Ricardo Chung, Jamal Bucknor, Andrew Noble

2. Eastern Commerce (Toronto)
Starters: Chretien Lukusa (Binghamton), Keaton Cole (Western Carolina), Alwayne Bigby (Northeastern/Rhode Island), Tyler Murray (Wagner), 6'6" James Clark (Concordia)
Bench: Juleous Grant (Prep/Northern Oklahoma JuCo/Dalhousie), 6'9" Nick Cooke (RMC), Marvin Binney (Prep/New Mexico JuCo/Duquesne/St. Mary's-TX), 6'8" Jean-Paul Kambola (Prep/Marshall/Ryerson), Alex Hill (Cornell/Toronto), Wayne Bridge (Waterloo), Mathieu MacDonald (RMC/St. Francis Xavier), Fitzroy Thompson

3. Father Henry Carr (Toronto)
Starters: 6'6" Curtis Trotter (Prep/Georgia Perimeter JuCo/Northwest JuCo/Texas A&M-International), Yonas Berhe (Prep/Louisiana Tech/Minot State/Keyano/NAIT), Rodel Grenaway (NAIT/Humber), Dominique Brown (Laurier/Lakeland/Winnipeg), Ricky Dunkley (Humber)
Bench: 6'7" Amen Osayande (Prep/Northwest JuCo/York College), Sean Giscombe (Red Deer), Daniel Falloon (Lakeland), Antwon Allwood, Jeff Donaldson, Joseph Thompson, Tristan Watson

4. Sir John A Macdonald (Waterloo)
Starters: Justin Tomas, Mike Helsby (Memorial/Waterloo), Taylor Allan, Bashir Moallim, Keith Stinson
Bench: 6'6" Murphy Burnatowski (Prep/Maine/Colgate), Tuan Do, Tim Lyons, Theron Williamson (Humber), 6'5" Djordje Gavrilovic, Dejan Stajic, Dave Martin, Navroz Baloo


1. Pickering (Ajax)
Starters: Devoe Joseph (Minnesota/Oregon), Cory Joseph (Prep/Texas), 6'5" Dwayne Smith (Prep/George Washington), 6'5" Justin Wiltshire (Lincoln Trail JuCo/Windsor), Jonathan Tull (Central Connecticut State/Acadia/Regina)
Bench: Juevol Myles (Tallahassee JuCo/Kansas State/South Dakota), Jameel Williamson (Prep/Windsor/St. Clair/Centennial/St. Francis Xavier), Jhedon McPherson (Centennial), Liban Hassan (Prep/Southeastern Illinois JuCo/Centennial/MacEwan), Natiel McKenzie (Centennial), Delroy Thomas, Ricardo Chung, Jamal Bucknor, Ken Nkrumah

2. Eastern Commerce (Toronto)
Starters: Keaton Cole (Western Carolina), Tyler Murray (Wagner), 6'9" Jean-Paul Kambola (Prep/Marshall/Ryerson), Alex Hill (Cornell/Toronto), Marvin Binney (Prep/New Mexico JuCo/Duquesne/St. Mary's-TX)
Bench: [Alwayne Bigby (Northeastern/Rhode Island)], Wayne Bridge (Waterloo), Matthieu Johnson (Prep/NAIT), Brandon Sam-Hinton (Humber), Kmar Kelly

3. HB Beal (London)
Starters: 6'7" Arnold Mayorga (Long Island), Enrico DiLoreto (Windsor), 6'8" Adam Jespersen (Hawaii/Western/Fanshawe), John Woldu (Windsor/Victoria/Redeemer), Evans Otchere (Guelph/Fanshawe)
Bench: Nathan DiLoreto (Western/Redeemer), 6'5" Trent Roberts, Mike Dubreuil (Fanshawe), Bryce Chandler, Elmer Perdomo, Fasal Hussein

4. Mother Teresa (Toronto)
Starters: 6'9" Maurice Walker (Prep/Minnesota), Ashton Khan (Prep/Canisius/Kilgore JuCo/Tiffin), Romaine Lawrence (St. Lawrence/Algonquin), Akeem Isaac-Phillips (Prep/Lakehead/York/Cape Breton), 6'6" Norbert Torres
Bench: Ryan Augustine (Prep/Carleton/St. Mary's), Ancil Martin (Humber), Kadeem Knott (Centennial), Onnex Blackwood (Bishop's), Jermaine Lightbody (Seneca/Humber)


1. Eastern Commerce (Toronto)
Starters: Alwayne Bigby (Northeastern/Rhode Island), Marvin Binney (Prep/New Mexico JuCo/Duquesne/St. Mary's-TX), Jerome Brown (Panola JuCo/George Brown), Wayne Bridge (Waterloo), Shamar Bennett (Prep)
Bench: Cameron Robertson (Humber), Brandon Sam-Hinton (Humber), Jake Hill (Prep/McKendree/Oakton JuCo/Midland), Franklin Gyamfi (George Brown), Kevin Kamba

2. Mother Teresa (Toronto)
Starters: 6'9" Maurice Walker (Prep/Minnesota), Ashton Khan (Prep/Canisius/Kilgore JuCo/Tiffin), Romaine Lawrence (St. Lawrence/Algonquin), Onnex Blackwood (Bishop's), Ancil Martin (Humber)
Bench: Kadeem Knott (Centennial), Ryan Augustine (Prep/Carleton/St. Mary's), Jonathan Alexander (Prep/Tyler JuCo/Manitoba), Jermaine Lightbody (Seneca/Humber), Ritchie Kanza (Dalhousie), Matthew Augustine (Prep/Medicine Hat/Regina), Jordan Lem, Dwayne Dawes, Alex Romano

3. Pickering (Ajax)
Starters: Rob Gagliardi (Durham), 6'7" Kevin Thomas (Prep/Palm Beach State JuCo/Troy), Jonathan Tull (Central Connecticut State/Acadia/Regina), Natiel McKenzie (Centennial), Delroy Thomas
Bench: Rowan Bennett, Asher Tulloch-Lewis (St. Mary's/Capilano), Jevon Jacobs, Courtney Dawkins (Centennial/Algonquin), Jamal Monplaisir (Quest), Ken Nkrumah, Bryan Bajikijaie, Kent Dwyer, Marley Patterson, Jerome Wynter (Canadore)

4. Notre Dame (Welland)
Starters: Cedric Kasongo (Brock/Cape Breton), 6'5" Jonathan Mataya (Niagara College), 6'7" Anto Raic (Brock/Niagara College), Tyler Warren, Adom Bondzi-Simpson (Brock)
Bench: Grace Lokole (Guelph), Antonio Carbone (Niagara College), Ryan Morwald, Anthony Coccagna, Arthur Nsenga, Daniel Bellinaso, Owen Demers, Matt Helmkay (Lambton), John Fitzgerald, David Iudiciana, Marco Rodrigues


1. Oakwood (Toronto)
Starters: Julian Clarke (Santa Clara/Toronto), Kevin Blake (Elon), Isaiah Watkins (Prep/Duquesne), Michael Ranger (St. Lawrence/Algoma), Sheldon Moore (Humber)
Bench: Jermaine Bernard (Prep/Western), Myles Forrester, Dillon King, Xzennis Brereton (Mohawk), Troy Jackson, Jamal Mucket-Sobers (Algoma), Dwayne Dobson, Jamal Campbell

2. St. Thomas More (Hamilton)
Starters: Zack Angelini (Waterloo/Brock), Paul Petruccelli (York), Justin Avery, Jermaine Barr (Mohawk), Lamar Barr (Mohawk)
Bench: Josh Sheriff, Jon Gordon (Algoma), Marcus St. Aubin, Phil Palmieri, Jerome Sealy, Kojo Afari (Sault/Mohawk), Ali Askarov (Redeemer/Grande Prairie/Humber), Chad Brown, Santino Pecora, Tristan Fraser

3. Mother Teresa (Toronto)
Starters: Ritchie Kanza (Dalhousie), Ancil Martin (Humber), Keyon Stephenson (Prep), Kadeem Knott (Centennial), Stevie Squires (Prep)
Bench: Adika Peter-McNeilly (Clarendon JuCo/Ryerson), Dwayne Dawes, De-shaun Williams (Prep/Chattanooga State JuCo/George Brown), 6'6" Raynold Kasongo (Prep/Southern Idaho JuCo/Tennessee/McMaster), Samy Mohamed (Algoma/UPEI), Jordan Phillips, Jordan McCurbin

4. Vaughan (Thornhill)
Starters: Dinjiyl Walker (Prep/Iowa Western JuCo/Oklahoma), Dejaun Sutherland (Laurier), James Choi (York), CJ Isit, Cy Samuels (Queen's/Humber)
Bench: 6'5" Davion Eccles, Roshane Roberts (Queen's/Ryerson), Motti Ali, Aiddian Walters (Laurier), Brenden Clarke, Henry Tan (Lakehead/Western), Troy Reid-Knight (Prep/Maine/Carleton)


1. Vaughan (Thornhill)
Starters: 6'7" Andrew Wiggins (Prep/Kansas), Henry Tan (Lakehead/Western), Troy Reid-Knight (Prep/Maine/Carleton), Roshane Roberts (Queen's/Ryerson), 6'5" Aiddian Walters (Laurier)
Bench: Cy Samuels (Queen's/Humber), Kassius Robertson (Prep/Canisius/Missouri), Brenden Clarke, Julius Antoine (Prep/St. Francis Xavier), Marcel Miller

2. St. Ignatius of Loyola (Oakville)
Starters: Mike L'Africain (Ottawa), Adam Presutti (McMaster/Ottawa), Rohan Boney (McMaster), Petar Rusic (Prep), Daniel Dyrda
Bench: Jake Babic (Prep/Appalachian State/Texas A&M-Corpus Christi), Shelby Taylor, Roberto Rivas, Cameron Caetano, Simon Marion, Tomas Rickus, Oliver McMayoni (Brock/Redeemer), Jason Vargas, Alex Cenedese

3. Father Henry Carr (Toronto)
Starters: Richard Audu (Prep/Siena/Pittsburgh-Johnstown), Tre Boutilier (Fairmont State/Miami Dade JuCo/Kentucky Wesleyan/Cumberlands), 6'5" Shane Osayande (Lakeland/Saskatchewan), 6'6" Laureldo Dixon (Hill JuCo), Kenrick Lewis (Georgian)
Bench: Lincoln Samuels (Prep), Brendon Chevannes (Prep/Dawson JuCo/Concord/York), Christian Hewitt (Prep/Western Texas JuCo), Ryan Abdul, Samuel Asiamah, Kaheel White, Devon Clayton, Elvis Nti, Matthew Gentles

4. J Clarke Richardson (Ajax)
Starters: Aaron Redpath (McMaster), Tyrelle Samuels (Medicine Hat/Algonquin), Leon Alexander (Iowa Central JuCo/McMaster), Jaylen Babb-Harrison (Eastern Kentucky), Jordan Scott (Algonquin)
Bench: Nathaniel Gardner (Brock), Kevin Skullie (Fleming), Courtney Dawkins (Centennial/Algonquin), Lequan Grant-Stuart, Shaquille Holmes, Andre Manning, J'vell Boyce, Raheem Crossman, Darnell Bailey, Chad Ramroop, Raheem Mattison-Green


1. Vaughan (Thornhill)
Starters: Henry Tan (Lakehead/Western), Troy Reid-Knight (Prep/Maine/Carleton), Roshane Roberts (Queen's/Ryerson), Cy Samuels (Queen's/Humber), Brenden Clarke
Bench: Kassius Robertson (Prep/Canisius/Missouri), Julius Antoine (Prep/St. Francis Xavier), Shandon Mootoosamy (Prep), Montaque Gill-Caesar (Prep/Missouri/San Diego State), 6'10" Vitaly Goroshko (Prep/Laurentian), Tristan Newman (Prep/York), Jawara Pedican (McGill/Toronto), Amir Jabbarian, Martin Kulinich (Queen's)

2. Eastern Commerce (Toronto)
Starters: Ammanuel Diressa (Tennessee Tech/Ryerson), James Sylvester (Northwest Kansas Tech JuCo/Coppin State/Colorado-Mesa), Mohamed Camara, Jamal Thomas (Prep/Pensacola State JuCo/Charleston Southern), Jamar Martin
Bench: Rashawn Browne (Prep/New Mexico State/California-PA/Manitoba), Eliel Lukusa (Seneca), 6'6" Justin Jackson (Prep/Maryland), Jason McDonald, Denzel Brooks (NAIT), Narcisse Ambanza (Winnipeg), 6'5" Kevin Hamlet (Prep/Polk State JuCo/Mineral Area JuCo/Central Michigan/UBC-Okanagan), 6'6" Habib Mohamed

3. St. Michael's (Toronto)
Starters: Duane Notice (Prep/South Carolina), Malcolm Duvivier (Oregon State/Akron), 6'6" Ryall Stroud (Queen's/Dalhousie), Eric Roth, Matt McDonald (Western)
Bench: Patrick Boivin, Rashayne Case (Western/Mohawk), 6'5" Simon Polan-Couillard (Laurier), 6'6" Max Townsend, Mark-Joseph Kisirye, John De Luca, Joseph Cattana, Luke Mello, Jaryd Knight

4. HB Beal (London)
Starters: Michael Provenzano (Prep/Lake Superior State/Simon Fraser), Chavaun Miller-Bennett (Fanshawe), Josh Mayorga (Thompson Rivers/Douglas), Malcolm Brown, Moses Orozco (Fanshawe)
Bench: Dashmir Kajmaku, Ben Flesher, Donovan Selmes-Thoms, Ansu Wright, Franck Ngakoutou (Fanshawe/George Brown)


1. St. Michael's (Toronto)
Starters: Rashayne Case (Western/Mohawk), Matt McDonald (Western), Sage Usher (Prep/Toronto), Joey Cattana, 6'5" Simon Polan-Couillard (Laurier)
Bench: Malcolm Duvivier (Oregon State/Akron), Nelson Kaputo (St. Bonaventure), Godwin Boahen (Prep/Illinois-Chicago), Kaion Julien-Grant, 6'5" Rayshawn Smith, Adam Murphy, James Chase, Conrad Calabrese

2. Father Henry Carr (Toronto)
Starters: 6'5" Dillon Brooks (Prep/Oregon), Josh Bell (Lakehead/Brandon), Kenrick Lewis (Georgian), Christian Hewitt (Prep/Western Texas JuCo), 6'6" Laureldo Dixon (Hill JuCo)
Bench: [7'2" Tanveer Bhullar (New Mexico State/Missouri State)], Brendon Chevannes (Prep/Dawson JuCo/Concord/York), Ty Stewart-Nelson (Prep), Marcus Bonnick (Rowan Burlington JuCo/Niagara College), Lamar Copeland (Niagara College), William Maylor, Nathan Asamoah-Darko, Marcello Hewitt (Prep)

3. Cardinal Newman (Hamilton)
Starters: David McCulloch (McMaster), Phil Gillen (York), AJ Manguerra (Redeemer/Brock), Luiggy Moquette, Daniel Petermann
Bench: Tyler Brown (Brock), Juwon Goldson (Mohawk), Jake Marquette, Munashe Muneka, Markus Zeba, Colin Bailey

4. Holy Trinity (Oakville)
Starters: Nolan Mackenzie (Lakehead/Brock), Trevon McNeil (McMaster), Regis Ivaniukas (McGill), 6'7" Nick Ernest (Acadia), Omade Qaderi
Bench: Lucas Orlita (Windsor), Perry Billard, Evan O'Dell, Matthew Geronimo, Kristijan Petrovic, Nickolas Singh, Chris Smith


1. Oakwood (Toronto)
Starters: 6'8" Brody Clarke (Alberta), Calvin Epistola (Ottawa), Russell Baker (Prep/State Fair JuCo/Seminole State JuCo/Nipissing), D'Wan Williams (Alberta), Jordan Rose (Humber)
Bench: Saul Sanchez, Tyrel O'Brian (Algoma), Ontoy Duff, Ahmed Jagdoul, Samuel Bardaji, Alex Mensah (George Brown), TJ Whittaker, DeQuon Cascart (Humber)

2. Father Henry Carr (Toronto)
Starters: Anthony McNish (Prep/UBC), Marcus Bonnick (Rowan Burlington JuCo/Niagara College), Brendon Chevannes (Prep/Dawson JuCo/Concord/York), Ty Stewart-Nelson (Prep), Girece Kazumba (Vermilion JuCo/Brandon/Nipissing)
Bench: Lamar Copeland (Niagara College), Grant Audu (Prep/UBC), Tristan Thompson (Brock), Kyle Lefave (Holland), William Maylor, Nathan Asamoah-Darko, Ore Saheed, Michael Nelson, Osaro Fairclough, Shevaun Donaldson

3. Notre Dame (Brampton)
Starters: Trevon Mollison (Prep/St. Clair/Humber), Michael Asemota (Prep/Missouri State-West Plains JuCo/Brock), 6'5" Frank Agyemang (Cochise JuCo/Regina), Joshua Baker, Osaze Obano
Bench: Lavar Williams (Fleming), Jordan Appiah (Algonquin), Russell Bell, Jonathan Louison, Avery Bourassa (Prep), Rick Blackman, Kye-Shawne Griffiths, Owolabby Azeez

4. St. Marguerite d'Youville (Brampton)
Starters: DamiAnn Prehay (Tallahassee JuCo/Western/McMaster), Addy Ogunye (Lakehead/Nipissing), Keshon Montague (Prep/Pacific/Barton JuCo/Western Illinois), 6'5" Ovie Eyamaro (Eastern Wyoming JuCo), Jerome Simpson
Bench: Christien Gould, Norville Clayton (Columbia Bible/Sheridan), Desmond Kwabiah, Emmanuel Nketiah, Nassier Wharton, 6'5" Ayo Joseph (Guelph), Malcolm Morrison, 6'5" Tobi Ojajuni (Windsor), Brendon Samlal (Prep), Korede Adegboye


1. St. Michael's (Toronto)
Starters: Nelson Kaputo (St. Bonaventure), 6'7" Danilo Djuricic (Harvard), Marcus Carr (Prep/Pittsburgh/Minnesota/Texas), 6'5" Nikola Paradina (Toronto), Kaion Julien-Grant
Bench: 6'5" Jahmal Abbey-Wright (Prep/Miami Dade JuCo/Simon Fraser), Kobey Ketavong (Prep/Williston State JuCo/Denver/Charleston), Parker Joyce, Isaac Atta, Anthony Nusca, D'Andre Ramsden, Marcus Yurchuk

2. St. Edmund Campion (Brampton)
Starters: Marcus Anderson (Carleton), CJ Bennett (Humber/Cape Breton), 6'5" Dylon Gregory (Prep/Missouri Southern State), Devonte Daniels (Prep/Parkland JuCo/Windsor), Joel Brown (Prep/California)
Bench: 6'6" Quinton Hamilton (Prep/Polk State JuCo/Ottawa), Elijah Charles (St. Lawrence), Michael Agyemang, Rexford Agyemang (Prep), Jovon Cox

3. Pine Ridge (Pickering)
Starters: Nevell Provo (Loyola-MD/St. Mary's), Jordan Henry (Prep/Western/McMaster), Chase Vassell (Missouri State-West Plains JuCo/Ryerson), Spencer Thomas (UBC-Okanagan), Daniel Wright (Seneca)
Bench: Devante Nunes (Seneca/Durham), Joel Dash, Tristian Berry (Seneca), Tyreek Brown, Khizar Chaudry, Yanick Hannibal (Seneca), Darnelle Peddie (St. Clair), Mustafa Prince, Jahvorn Saunders, Kristos Vagenas

4. Father Henry Carr (Toronto)
Starters: Marcus Bonnick (Rowan Burlington JuCo/Niagara College), 6'6" Shamar Bailey-DeCoteau (Hill JuCo/William Penn), Mychael Paulo (Williston State JuCo/Montana State/McMaster), Kyle Lefave (Holland), John Akende (Prep/Fanshawe)
Bench: Lamar Copeland (Niagara College), Shae Linton-Brown (Georgia Highlands JuCo/Williston State JuCo/St. Mary's), 6'5" Tristan Thompson (Brock), 6'5" Rayshawn Smith, Carlo Dubria (Sheridan), Mithun Jaisankar (Algoma/King's College), Trejaun Fearon, 6'5" Imani Wilby-Taylor (Seneca), Ben Kwawukumey (Prep)