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Canadian Class of 2011 - Top 20
By: Barry Hayes
Kyle Wiltjer
Kyle Wiltjer

Once again, HoopStars brings you a look inside the different age groups across the country with those proven to stand out amongst their peers.

Newly added includes what year of high school the player is expected to finish. A maximum of 5 years has been given and it starts after their completion of Grade 8 and progression into Grade 9. Those players intending to be 6th-year players will be ranked in new separate rankings from now on.






HoopStars Canada rankings - Class of 2011

1. Myck Kabongo 6’2” PG 5th, St. Benedict's (Newark, NJ) via Toronto, ON - Texas (NCAA D1)
2. Kyle Wiltjer 6’9” PF 4th, Jesuit (Portland, OR) via Victoria, BC
3. Khem Birch 6’8” C 5th, Winchendon (Winchendon, MA) via Montreal, QC
4. Grandy Glaze 6’5” PF 5th, Proctor (Andover, NH) via Brampton, ON - UNLV (NCAA D1)
5. David Wagner 6’8” C 4th, South Kamloops (Kamloops, BC)
6. Braeden Anderson 6'8" PF 5th, Christian Faith (Creedmoor, NC) via Okotoks, AB
7. Kevin Thomas 6’7” PF 5th, Christian Faith (Creedmoor, NC) via Ajax, ON
8. Kemy Osse 6’0” SG 5th, Archbishop Carroll (Washington, DC) via Montreal, QC
9. Kevin Thomas 6’8” PF 5th, Proctor (Andover, NH) via Brampton, ON
10. Junior Fortunat 6’7” C 5th, Roman Catholic (Philadelphia, PA) via Montreal, QC
11. Kewyn Blain 6'1" PG 5th, Champlain-St. Lambert (Montreal, QC)
12. Kenny-Fred Chery 6'0" PG 5th, Archbishop Carroll (Washington, DC) via Montreal, QC
13. Nakai Luyken 6'2" SG 4th, Yale (Abbotsford, BC)
14. Jean Pierre-Charles 6'7" SF 4th, Ashbury (Ottawa, ON)
15. Wells Davis 6’5” SG 5th, La Lumiere (La Porte, IN) via Mississauga, ON
16. Matej Delinac 6’2” SG 5th, Brehm (Carbondale, IL) via Brampton, ON
17. Jonathan Dave Tshibuy 6’5” SF 5th, Dunton (Montreal, QC)
18. Theon Reefer 6'5" PF 5th, tba (Toronto, ON)
19. Lenny Austin 6'1" SG 5th, Vanier (Montreal, QC)
20. Leon Alexander 6'3" SG 5th, J Clarke Richardson (Ajax, ON)

(*Photo of Kyle Wiltjer from Strott Photography at http://alstrott.exposuremanager.com/)