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Brawn Drain
By: Barry Hayes
La Lumiere's Wells Davis
La Lumiere's Wells Davis

It has taken the Canadian basketball scene by storm over the past few years. A continuous movement of our talent opting out of their local high school for prep schools south of the border, most popular in the greater Toronto area where powerful AAU programs, such as Grassroots Canada and Team Takeover, aid their players in the promotion and transition to these schools. In fact, Grassroots Canada founder & coach Ro Russell has ventured south of the border to direct a prep program of his own - Christian Faith Center Academy in Creedmoor, North Carolina. Canada Basketball’s initiative to keeping Canadian top talents training at home during the school year – the National Elite Development Academy (or “NEDA”) in Hamilton, Ontario - was cancelled after two seasons. A spin-off called “REDA” (‘R’ for Regional) will run out of Hamilton this year under former NEDA assistant coach Tarry Upshaw, but without funding from the nation’s governing body.

With so many opting for prep school, this year’s group of prospects is in a defining year for this trend. Will our top talents succeed at top NCAA institutions and perhaps feed into the NBA? What happens to those who don’t receive offers to remain south of the border after prep school is over? HoopStars Canada plans to keep track of all pursuing prep school this year with this updated list below.

Since there are still finalizations being worked out for several players, more updates will follow. Please send any confirmed updates to bhayes@hoopstarscanada.com.

Name (Hometown/Last Canadian High School) – Prep School (Location)

Kemy Osse (Montreal, QC/Notre Dame) - Archbishop Carroll (Washington, DC)
Kenny Fred Chery (Montreal, QC/Jeanne-Mance) - Archbishop Carroll (Washington, DC)
Kameron LaTouche (Markham, ON/Brother Andre) - Blue Ridge (St. George, VA)
Rodell Wigginton (Dartmouth, NS/Prince Andrew) - Boston Trinity (Boston, MA)
Kadeem Thompson (Toronto, ON/Father Henry Carr) - Boston Trinity (Boston, MA)
Kayon Mayers (Mississauga, ON/Loyola) - Boston Trinity (Boston, MA)
Brian Rouse (Mississauga, ON/Ascension of Our Lord) - Brehm (Carbondale, IL) 
Denny McDonald (Mississauga, ON/St. Joan of Arc) - Brehm (Carbondale, IL)
Matej Delinac (Brampton, ON/St. Augustine's) - Brehm (Carbondale, IL)
Ashton Khan (Toronto, ON/Mother Teresa) - Brewster (Wolfeboro, MA)
Maurice Walker (Toronto, ON/Mother Teresa) - Brewster (Wolfeboro, MA)
Melvin Ejim (Brampton, ON/St. Augustine's) - Brewster (Wolfeboro, MA)
Richard Peters (Toronto, ON/Jean Vanier) - Brewster (Wolfeboro, MA)
Ruben Kanya (Ottawa, ON/St. Pius X) - Bridgton (Bridgton, ME)
Alexandre Zabo (Gatineau, QC/de l'Ile) - Canterbury (New Milford, CT)
Andy McMillan (Ancaster, ON/Hillfield-Strathallan) - Christ School (Arden, NC)
Ben Davis (Brampton, ON/Woodlands) - Christian Faith Center (Creedmoor, NC)
Kevin Thomas (Ajax, ON/Pickering) - Christian Faith Center (Creedmoor, NC)
Braeden Anderson (Okotoks, AB/Foothills) - Christian Faith Center (Creedmoor, NC)
Rainier Croft (Brampton, ON/St. Marguerite d'Youville) - Christian Faith Center (Creedmoor, NC)
Damal Donaldson (Ajax, ON/Notre Dame) - Christian Faith Center (Creedmoor, NC)
Shamar Bennett (Toronto, ON/Eastern Commerce) - Christian Faith Center (Creedmoor, NC)
Andrew Wiggins (Thornhill, ON/*Grade 8) - Christian Faith Center (Creedmoor, NC)
Theon Reefer (Toronto, ON/Father Henry Carr) - Christian Faith Center (Creedmoor, NC)
Renaldo Dixon (Toronto, ON/Central Tech) - Christian Faith Center (Creedmoor, NC)
Daniel Levy (Pickering, ON/St. Mary's) - Christian Faith Center (Creedmoor, NC)
Rovonn Russell (Toronto, ON/Father Henry Carr) - Christian Faith Center (Creedmoor, NC)
Brandon Sackey (Brampton, ON/Sandalwood Heights) - Christian Faith Center (Creedmoor, NC)
Kadar Marshall (Toronto, ON/Father Henry Carr) - Christian Life Center (Humble, TX)
Kiefer Douse (Brampton, ON/St. Marguerite d'Youville) - Christian Life Center (Humble, TX)
Jermaine Myers (Ajax, ON/Pickering) - Culver (Culver, IN)
Juwan Brescacin (Mississauga, ON/Loyola) - Culver (Culver, IN)
David Akinremi (Brampton, ON/Sandalwood Heights) - Ernst (Detroit, MI)
Terell Carr (Brampton, ON/Sandalwood Heights) - Ernst (Detroit, MI)
Jahmaal Hibbert (Toronto, ON/David & Mary Thomson) - Ernst (Detroit, MI)
Khadeem Palmer (Toronto, ON/Mayfield) - Ernst (Detroit, MI)
Cory Joseph (Ajax, ON/Pickering) - Findlay (Henderson, NV)
Tristan Thompson (Brampton, ON/St. Marguerite d'Youville) - Findlay (Henderson, NV)
Christian Kabongo (Toronto, ON/Monseigneur de Charbonnel) - God's Academy (Dallas, TX)
Akeem Isaac-Phillips (Toronto, ON/Mother Teresa) - God's Academy (Dallas, TX)
Emmanuel Ajayi (Toronto, ON/Jean Vanier) - Huntington (Huntington, WV)
Dwight Powell (Toronto, ON/Earl Haig) - IMG Academy (Bradenton, FL)
Gursimren Bhullar (Toronto, ON/Father Henry Carr) - Kiski (Saltsburg, PA)
Tanveer Bhullar (Toronto, ON/*Grade 8) - Kiski (Saltsburg, PA)
Stefan Jankovic (Mississauga, ON/St. Francis Xavier) - Kiski (Saltsburg, PA)
Wells Davis (Mississauga, ON/St. Joan of Arc) - La Lumiere (LaPorte, IN)
Dylan Ennis (Brampton, ON/St. Edmund Campion) - Lake Forest (Lake Forest, IL)
Faith Joseph (Brampton, ON/St. Marguerite d'Youville) - Lake Forest (Lake Forest, IL)
Bruce Oryema (Vancouver, BC/Notre Dame) - Lee (Lee, ME)
Igor Lebov (Toronto, ON/Newtonbrook) - Maine Central Institute (Pittsfield, ME)
Junior Lomomba (Montreal, QC/*Grade 7) - Memorial (Madison, WI)
Nazareth Long (Mississauga, ON/Father Goetz) - Montrose Christian (Rockville, MD)
Jean-Yves Kazadi (Ottawa, ON/Louis Riel) - Mount Zion (Durham, NC)
Anthony Bennett (Brampton, ON/Harold Brathwaite) - Mountain State (Beckley, WV)
Jabs Newby (Brampton, ON/St. Marguerite d'Youville) - Mountain State (Beckley, WV)
Jamal Newman (Brampton, ON/St. Marguerite d'Youville) - Mountain State (Beckley, WV)
Jonathan Alexander (Toronto, ON/Mother Teresa) - Mountain State (Beckley, WV)
Kofi Ankoma-Mensa (Brampton, ON/St. Marguerite d'Youville) - Mountain State (Beckley, WV)
Martin Dixon-Green (Toronto, ON/Pope John Paul II) - Mountain State (Beckley, WV)
Junior McLeod (Brampton, ON/Notre Dame) - New Creations (Richmond, IN)
Liban Hassan (Ajax, ON/Pickering) - New Creations (Richmond, IN)
Abdul Osman (Toronto, ON/West Hill) - New Creations (Richmond, IN)
Devaughn Cole-Rodney (Brampton, ON/Harold Brathwaite) - New Creations (Richmond, IN)
Denham Buchanan (Toronto, ON/Runnymede) - New Creations (Richmond, IN)
Brady Heslip (Burlington, ON/Nelson) - New Hampton (New Hampton, NH)
Laurent Rivard (Montreal, QC/St. Bruno) - Northfield-Mount Hermon (Gill, MA)
Sam Hattin (Hamilton, ON/Brebeuf) - Our Savior New American (Centereach, NY)
Shayok Shayok (Ottawa, ON/St. Patrick's) - Percy L Julian (Chicago, IL)
Kevin Thomas (Brampton, ON/Father Henry Carr) - Proctor (Andover, NH)
Grandy Glaze (Brampton, ON/St. Augustine's) - Proctor (Andover, NH)
Pat Donnelly (Oakville, ON/Abbey Park) - Proctor (Andover, NH)
RJ Stephens (Brampton, ON/St. Marguerite d'Youville) - Proctor (Andover, NH)
Taevaunn Prince (Brampton, ON/Father Henry Carr) - Proctor (Andover, NH) 
Marvin Binney (Toronto, ON/Eastern Commerce) - Progressive Christian (Camp Springs, MD)
Abednego Lufile (Burlington, ON/Assumption) - REDA (Hamilton, Ontario)
Brandon Bilbija (Burlington, ON/Lester B Pearson) - REDA (Hamilton, Ontario)
Connor Wood (Guelph, ON/Bishop Macdonell) - REDA (Hamilton, Ontario)
Grant Mullins (Burlington, ON/Notre Dame) - REDA (Hamilton, Ontario)
Jahenns Manigat (Ottawa, ON/Immaculata) - REDA (Hamilton, Ontario)
Kyle Hankins (Burlington, ON/Assumption) - REDA (Hamilton, Ontario)
Lucas Nugteren (Woodstock, ON/Huron Park) - REDA (Hamilton, Ontario)
Matthew Augustine (Toronto, ON/Mother Teresa) - REDA (Hamilton, Ontario)
Meshak Lufile (Burlington, ON/Assumption) - REDA (Hamilton, Ontario)
Nic Yantzi (Burlington, ON/Central) - REDA (Hamilton, Ontario)
Ryan Augustine (Toronto, ON/Mother Teresa) - REDA (Hamilton, Ontario)
Trevor Thompson (Burlington, ON/Nelson) - REDA (Hamilton, Ontario)
Troy Joseph (Ajax, ON/Pickering) - REDA (Hamilton, Ontario)
Junior Fortunat (Montreal, QC/Loyola) - Roman Catholic (Philadelphia, PA)
Jean-Paul Kambola (Toronto, ON/Eastern Commerce) - St. Benedict's (Newark, NJ)
Marcello Kambola (Toronto, ON/Eastern Commerce) - St. Benedict's (Newark, NJ)
Myck Kabongo (Toronto, ON/Eastern Commerce) - St. Benedict's (Newark, NJ)
Nikolas Stauskas (Mississauga, ON/Loyola) - South Kent (South Kent, CT)
Fidel Benjamin (Toronto, ON/George Harvey) - Strong Vincent (Erie, PA)
Kadeem Green (Markham, ON/Vaughan) - United Faith Christian (Charlotte, NC)
Ludovic Ndaye (Montreal, QC/CPEQ) - Westwind (Phoenix, AZ)
Luka Drecun (Richmond Hill, ON/Bayview) - Wilbraham & Monson (Springfield, MA)
Khem Birch (Montreal, QC/Riverdale) - Winchendon (Winchendon, MA)
Olivier-Paul Betu (Montreal, QC/Mont-Royal) - Worcester (Worcester, MA)
Dean Douglas (Toronto, ON/Father Henry Carr) - Zion Christian (Roxboro, NC)

Total = 101

Oct. 1
- added Emmanuel Ajayi - Huntington
Oct. 6
- added Andy McMillan - Christ School
Oct. 22
- added Luka Drecun - Wilbraham & Monson
Oct. 26
 - added Christian Kabongo & Akeem Isaac-Phillips - God's Academy
Oct. 28
- added 4 - Ernst Prep
Nov. 3
- added Bruce Oryema - Lee Academy
Nov. 17
- added Denny McDonald - Brehm
Dec. 4
- added Dean Douglas - Zion Christian
Jan. 4
- added Athiey Lwal - CJEOTO Academy (* second semester redshirt at College of Southern Idaho)
Jan. 14 - added Brian Rouse - Brehm