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AAU Insider: Team Take Over
By: Barry Hayes
Take Over's Kadeem Green
Take Over's Kadeem Green

With the high school year over, the exciting AAU schedule heats up this month. One Canadian team looking to continue its emergence in a predominantly American-dominated competition is the newly formed Team Take Over AAU program.

Name: Team Take Over
Location: Toronto, Ontario
Main sponsor: Nike
Team website: www.bouncebasketball.com
Summer ID Camp website: www.caribanaclassicbasketball.com

17U (Michael George, Derek Boyce)
16U (Nicky Davis, Vladimir Matevski)
15U (Kevin Scarlett, Dwayne Ramage, Nunzio Corrente)
14U (Tony McIntyre)

Upcoming Schedule:
July 6-8 (Adidas It Takes 5 Classic in Cincinnati, Ohio)
July 9-12 (Eddie Ford's Kentucky HoopFest in Louisville, Kentucky)
July 14-16 (Triple S Harley Davidson Hoop Group Jam Fest in Morgantown, West Virginia)
July 22-26 (Adidas Super 64 in Las Vegas, Nevada)
July 30-31 (NCAA certified Caribana Classic in Toronto, Ontario)

We are trying to build something special for Canadians,” says co-founder and coach Michael George.

He showed his dedication two years ago by donating half of his earnings from a past appearance as a winning contestant on TV’s “Deal or No Deal” in this fledgling program.
Our goal is to provide an opportunity for the continual growth of young men through basketball with the desire to help them achieve their full potential both academically and athletically.”

George has already formed a partnership with the Brookwood Elite AAU program based in Montreal, led by head coach Joey McKitterick. Some of Montreal’s top talent have joined the Take Over contingent in past events and will likely continue to do so in the foreseeable future.

17-and-Under Team Take Over Roster (*All 2010 Grads)
Kadeem Green 6’8” PF (Markham, ON)
Maurice Walker 6’10” C (Toronto, ON)
Melvin Ejim 6’6” SF (Brampton, ON)
Ashton Khan 6’0” PG (Toronto, ON)
Taevaunn Prince 6’3” CG (Brampton, ON)
Stephen Alli 6’7” PF (Caledon, ON)
Pat Donnelly 6’6” PF (Oakville, ON)
Jabs Newby 6’1” PG (Brampton, ON)
Kofi Mensa 6’4” SG (Brampton, ON)
Matthieu Johnson 6’1” SG (Toronto, ON)
RJ Stephens 6’1” PG (Brampton, ON)
Jordan Clennon 6’1” SG (Brampton, ON)

As the roster above indicates, Team Take Over is set to create a lot of damage this month. 6’10” 270-pound man-child Maurice Walker (with interest from NCAA Division 1 schools like Texas A&M, DePaul, Iowa State, and Clemson) recently declared his intention to attend Brewster Academy, a top prep school in New Hampshire, next year. With good hands, a soft shooting touch, and the ability to see the floor well, Walker will be working on his overall fitness over the next year to become even more intimidating. Walker’s teammate next year, 6’6” Melvin Ejim (Boston College, Iowa State, Providence, Harvard, Vermont, etc.), is a versatile wing that can shoot from the outside or take it to the rack above the rim, while 6’8” forward Kadeem Green (Iowa State, Virginia Commonwealth, George Mason, George Washington, etc.) is also referred to as “intimidating” by opponents with his 9’2” standing reach and agility running the floor. 6’7” forward Stephen Alli recently verbally committed to the University of Florida for a football scholarship, while coach Billy Donovan and the basketball Gators have extended an open invitation for Alli to tryout for their team as well.

It’s not just the 17U team that overflows with elite talent. With an endless motor and a Charles Barkley-like build (in his prime), dominating the AAU scene is nothing new for 6’5” power forward Grandy Glaze (Villanova, Pittsburgh, Florida, Maryland, Ohio State, etc.). His longtime partner in frontcourt crime is St. John’s Catholic Prep teammate Kevin Thomas (Washington State, Florida, Maryland, Ohio State, Akron, etc.), a 6’7” lefty that can attack off the dribble and really shoot it. More firepower will come in the form of Culver Academy’s Wells Davis (Northwestern, Purdue, UNLV, etc.), a 6’5” lanky wing with smooth shooting and graceful slashing ability.

The 15U team may become the scariest of all the age groups. While 6’10” post Richard Peters recently committed to Oklahoma, other impact players like Anthony Bennett, Jonathan Alexander, and Juwan Brescacin are ready to let coaches across the US know that Canadian talent is for real.

To end the NCAA’s Summer Evaluation Period, Coach George is running the Caribana Classic, a certified exposure event in Toronto on July 30-31. It will feature a number of legitimate prospects, including top prospects from the Team Take Over program. For more information, check out the website www.caribanaclassicbasketball.com.

Photo of Kadeem Green from scout.com