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Canadian Class of 2010 - Top 20
By: Barry Hayes
Tristan Thompson
Tristan Thompson

Preface: When looking at underclassmen, the rankings get more complicated to complete and subsequently to understand. Considering a prospect’s untapped potential, expected growth spurts, level of training, and post-secondary value are some major factors. It is not necessarily in order of who are the best players today, but who should be the best prospects by graduation. For example, post players usually take the most time to develop, so that has to be factored into the formula. There is a window of time for each prospect to tap into their potential and their ranking will obviously begin to rise as they approach it or fall the closer they are in failing to reach it. Naturally, the further they are from graduation, the more time they have to prove their potential and rise/fall in the rankings.






(C = Centre, PF = Power Forward, SF = Small Forward, PG = Point Guard, SG = Shooting Guard, CG = Combo Guard)

HoopStars Canada rankings - Class of 2010

1. Tristan Thompson 6’8” PF, Findlay (Henderson, NV) via Brampton, ON
2. Cory Joseph 6’2” CG, Findlay (Henderson, NV) via Ajax, ON
3. Kadeem Green 6’8” PF, United Faith Christian (Charlotte, NC) via Markham, ON
4. Dwight Powell 6’9” PF, IMG Academy (Bradenton, FL) via Toronto, ON
5. Maurice Walker 6’9” C, Mother Teresa (Toronto, ON)
6. Melvin Ejim 6’6” SF, Brewster (Wolfeboro, NH) via Brampton, ON
7. Jean-Paul Kambola 6’9” C, St. Benedict’s (Newark, NJ) via Toronto, ON
8. Laurent Rivard 6’5” SF, Northfield-Mount Hermon (Gill, MA) via Montreal, QC
9. Emerson Murray 6’2” SG, St. George’s (Vancouver, BC)
10. Nick Wiggins 6’5” SG, Amos P Godby (Tallahassee, FL) via Thornhill, ON
11. Stephen Alli 6’7” PF, Proctor (Andover, NH) via Caledon, ON
12. James Johnson 6’8” C, Morse (San Diego, CA) via Lethbridge, AB
13. Yann Charles 6’5” SF, Champlain-St. Lambert (Montreal, QC)
14. Eli Mara 6’4” SG, White Rock (White Rock, BC)
15. Ashton Khan 5’11” PG, Mother Teresa (Toronto, ON)
16. Shayok Shayok 6’6” SG, St. Patrick’s (Ottawa, ON)
17. Taevaunn Prince 6’3” CG, Proctor (Andover, NH) via Brampton, ON
18. Marek Klassen 6’0” CG, Yale (Abbotsford, BC)
19. Jahenns Manigat 6’2” CG, NEDA (Hamilton, ON) via Ottawa, ON
20. Matthieu Johnson 6’1” SG, Sagemont (Weston, FL) via Toronto, ON

For the reason given below, the following national talent was not included in the Top 20:

Not Listed Due to Serious Injury (*Status Uncertain)
- Kofi Ankoma-Mensa 6’4” SG, Mountain State (Beckley, WV) via Brampton, ON

(* Picture of Tristan Thompson by Mike Scanlan)